Adorable DIY Caterpillar Clothes Pins!

caterpillar bugs copy
With it being summer sometimes the kids get bored, especially if it’s raining! These are the most adorable little critters! Below you will find the material needed and the directions! Remember to be creative too!

*cloths pins
*color pom poms
*googley eyes
*craft glue

1) take a clothes pin and see how many pom poms will fit!
2) add a bit of glue down the middle of the top of the clothes pin
3) add the pom poms
4) add googley eyes

Additional tips: If you want to personalize your litter caterpillar a little bit, you can paint, add stickers, or color the clothes pins first!

What did you think about this fun craft? Let us know what you thought! Check out our other DIY and crafts here! Happy Crafting!

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