10 Halloween Safety Tips to Keep Your Trick or Treaters Safe!


I compiled a list of Halloween safety tips to keep your little ones safe while out Trick or Treating!

To kids Halloween means a night of fun dressing up and getting lots of FREE CANDY! With so many kids out on the streets, parents want to keep them as safe as possible.

There are lots of great Halloween Safety Tips, but I wanted to list the top 10 that I feel are the most important to go over with your kids before Halloween gets here!

These are not in any particular order.

Trick or Treat: 10 Halloween Safety Tips

1) Buy flame resistant costumes. Ensure they fit well so they are not tripping. You will also want to check their shoes so they won’t trip.

2) Opt for Face Paint instead of masks. Halloween masks can get in the way of them seeing well especially at night. Make sure the paint is non-toxic and test a patch before applying as some kids can have an allergic reaction to the paint.

3) Add reflective tape to their costumes. The costumes will be more visible especially in the dark.

4) Have your kids walk in groups. It’s always a great idea for the kids to walk in groups for added safety.

5) Have older kids carry a cell phone if an adult is not present.

6) Go to neighborhoods you know. Also, stress to your kids the importance of not going into a stranger’s home for candy.

7)  Use sidewalks when available. Make sure they also look both ways before crossing a street.

8) Use a flashlight or glow stick. Also they could wear those glow in the dark necklaces.

9) Don’t go to houses that aren’t well lit or dark. If the house is dark (porch lights off) then it means they are not handing out candy.

10) Check all candy before eating. Warn your kids not to take or eat any unwrapped treats from strangers.

Afterwards I always limit my son on eating too much candy especially as it’s on a school night. Also make sure to remove all and any face paint so it doesn’t irritate their skin.

I am very fortunate that the neighborhood we go to close down main roads which makes it much safer. The majority of the house owners sit outside handing out candy which makes it easy to watch your kids. Also, stress to your little one(s) to be polite. I know it should go without saying but so many kids do not say thank you after getting candy. My son gets lots of compliments from the house owners on how polite he is. I understand kids get excited and want to get to the next house quickly, but they really do appreciate it. 🙂

Some of these are common sense, but I think it’s a great idea to review with your little ones some of the rules before they go out. I hope you enjoy and the kids have a fun and safe Halloween!

Do you have some great Halloween safety tips to share? Then leave me a comment as I love to read your thoughts and tips.

I have a great website you can visit for fun Halloween coloring and activity pages you can print out!

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