Light It Up Blue for Autism!

thriftymommaramblingsMonday April 2nd is Light it Up Blue Campaign to spread more awareness for Autism. As you know my son has Pervasive Developmental Delay which is on the Autism spectrum. Many people look at me in disbelief if I tell them he is on the spectrum. I guess they think he will show physical signs to let me know hey this kid has a disorder. Well I’m sorry to disappoint you, but many disorders do not have physical traits which clearly label a person. It is a huge pet peeve as you can imagine. I feel sometimes I do have to fight harder for him since he is mildly affected. I am so grateful it is not severe, but it does get tiring when you have to fight so hard even with the doctors and medical professionals.

I am thrilled for such wonderful organizations to help spread more awareness such as Austim Speaks. Light it up Blue was started in 2007 to help shine a light on Autism globally. Everyone can help by wearing a blue shirt tomorrow to show support. You can also talk to friends and family. Have your children wear blue to school. The teachers at my son’s school are all wearing blue tomorrow. You can also tweet, share on facebook, blog about it to help spread more awareness. You can go to Light It Up Blue to find banners and even a profile badge to change for facebook and twitter. There is also a cover page for your Facebook Timeline. If you want to learn more about Autism then go to Austim Speaks.

Will you light it up blue to help shine a light on Autism tomorrow?

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