Get Organized for Back to School

I can still remember my first day of school like it just happened yesterday. I was very excited about all the kids I would meet, but I was a little worried if my new teacher was going to be mean or nice. I had nothing to worry about, since it turned out, that my teacher was very nice. I can still remember all the great things I learned in Kindergarten. I learned my alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and we even had to learn how to tie our shoes. I wore this very cute blue dress with ruffles. My mom loved dressing me in these ruffle dresses with barrettes in my hair. I met my first best friend in that class. We are still best friends all these many years later.

The worst part was how many school supplies I had to bring. I think if I had color labels on them, then it would have been easier to have known which scissors were mine. My parents did write my name but sometimes the name would smudge off over the school year. Dymo label maker is a great way to organize not only school supplies, but clothes, boxes, and so much more. My parents could also have marked my school clothes for each day. It would have made getting dressed in the morning easier and faster.

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