Is Your Skin Thirsty?

Since I’ve been using the Oil of Olay Seven Signs of Aging with Blemish Control face wash, I have noticed my skin is looking so much nicer. I’ve tried many different kinds of severe acne treatment face washes and lotions, but using a moisturizing face wash seemed nuts. I do have oily skin so why would I want to lather on more? I was very wrong, and I even put on an additional richer moisturizer for night. I just make sure it’s oil free, but my skin is much softer and smoother. The older you get, the more your skin needs moisture. I am very pleased with the Oil of Olay products.

Winners of the 5,000 Entrecard Drawing!

I just want to thank all the people that entered this drawing by commenting and posting on their blogs. I used to pick the winners. I will leave a comment on your blog if you are the winner. If you have more than one blog, then please let me know what blog you want me to use to send your credits. Thanks again everyone and I will have another Entrecard contest in the very near future.

Now without further delay……wait we need a drumroll please……the winners are:

Top Prize of 2,000 EC is Sara with News from NOLA!!!
1st Runner Up of 1,500 EC is Jamie Sue with Free Printable Fun for Everyone
2nd Runner Up: 1,000 EC is Sherry with I Luv Contest
3rd Runner Up: 500 EC is Angie with Angie’s Photo Blog

Congrats to all the winners and I will leave a comment to let you know that you won. Just let me know which blog (those with multiple ones) which blog you want me to send the EC credits. Thanks again to everyone who participated!

Marketing Your Business

There are many great ways to market your business like the more obvious business cards, but there are also other creative ways. You could give away personalized pens, magnets, shirts, hats, or even calenders. I even had some calender magnets made to give to return customers. I was also thinking of handing out punch cards. For each customer that buys $25, then they would get a punch. After the card was filled, they can receive $25 gift certificate or Tupperware of that value. It would be a great way to stand out from the crowd.

TMR Frugal Living Tip #33

Today’s thrifty living tip is use cash when shopping. I take out so much cash and put them in envelopes marked grocery, spending, utilities, and other areas. I buy a gas card for myself and hubby to use each month since we get discounts on gas when using the store gift card. Since I have been using cash to buy the groceries, I have noticed I spend less. I still find that I can overspend even when I use my debit card. If having cash makes you nervous, then get a gift card to use. Once the money in the envelope is gone, then I quit spending for the month. This has been the best method I’ve tried for making myself accountable for my spending.

Get Organized for Back to School

I can still remember my first day of school like it just happened yesterday. I was very excited about all the kids I would meet, but I was a little worried if my new teacher was going to be mean or nice. I had nothing to worry about, since it turned out, that my teacher was very nice. I can still remember all the great things I learned in Kindergarten. I learned my alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and we even had to learn how to tie our shoes. I wore this very cute blue dress with ruffles. My mom loved dressing me in these ruffle dresses with barrettes in my hair. I met my first best friend in that class. We are still best friends all these many years later.

The worst part was how many school supplies I had to bring. I think if I had color labels on them, then it would have been easier to have known which scissors were mine. My parents did write my name but sometimes the name would smudge off over the school year. Dymo label maker is a great way to organize not only school supplies, but clothes, boxes, and so much more. My parents could also have marked my school clothes for each day. It would have made getting dressed in the morning easier and faster.

Got Beads?

The internet has been a great way to find talented designers that make the most amazing jewelry creations I’ve ever seen. Many of them will also create a custom piece if you request one. I am sure they use gemstone beads, and many other one of a kind beads that can’t be find in the big box stores.

Designers have been able to use the internet as a wonderful tool in finding these unique beads. Beads of Cambay is a great website that offers a huge variety of wholesale gemstone beads, freshwater pearls, copper beads, brass beads, along with many other kinds of beads. You can also get discounts up to 30% off on your order. They offer flat rate Fedex shipping on all orders. International shipping is not a problem since it’s available to overseas customers. They also have refunds if you aren’t fully satisfied.

Beads of Camby has a press release available to learn more about this great website. They also have an online newsletter you can sign up for to get the newest releases and special savings. You can also visit them in person at the Intergalactic Bead & Jewelry Show. Check out their great assortment of “high quality” wholesale beads today.

TMR Frugal Living Tip #32

I have really missed posting these daily tips. Today’s thrifty tip is have a well stocked pantry. This helped me tremendously after Hurricane Gustav barreled through my area. I had close to 10 gallons of drinking water, canned goods, and many other basic staples like flour, sugar, rice, baking supplies, and such. I was able to feed my family well for several days. We did leave after four days since my mom had electricity at her house. Because I was prepared, we didn’t have to panic about how we were going to eat since it took several days for grocery stores to reopen. There will always be a natural disaster anywhere you live from snow, earthquakes, hurricanes, or something else. It is always a good idea to have at least 1-2 week supply of food in your pantry.