Living Room Lighting

How to Choose Living Room Lighting That Compliments Your Aesthetic

Your living room is the first room to make your home feel cozy and warm. Therefore, choosing the right lighting for your room can be one of the most important decisions.

Living room lighting is typically used for three main purposes: general, mood, and decorative. It’s important to know how your room will be used and how to choose each style of lighting.

Here are our tips on choosing living room lighting that compliments your style.

Consider Your Room’s Size and Shape

If you have a larger living room, you may want to consider a few lighting sources, such as recessed lighting, chandeliers, or wall sconces. Adding multiple light sources can create dimension and direct attention to different examples of the living room’s design.

For smaller living rooms, a single lighting source with multiple bulbs can create a sense of depth and accentuate the room’s furniture and design. 

Think About Your Existing Decor

When selecting your living room lighting, it’s essential to take into account your existing decor and aesthetic. 

If you have neutral walls and furniture, it might be best to choose a statement light that will help to bring the room together. You could use a pendant light or shop for fiber optic chandeliers to create interest and draw the eye to different focal points.  If your living room has more of a vintage feel, wall lights, classic chandeliers, or table lamps could be a great choice.

Choosing Between Natural and Artificial Light Sources

Choosing between natural and artificial light sources for your living room can be difficult. Natural light provides a wonderful ambiance and lends itself well to certain aesthetics, such as a Boho or Scandi look. Artificial light sources focus the light in specific areas, which can be great for dramatic lighting or a more modern look.

There are benefits to both types of lighting, so think carefully about how you want your living room to look.

Illuminate Specific Areas of Your Room

Determine what areas of the room you’d like to illuminate. Would you like to emphasize a couch or painting? Are you hoping to add a more inviting atmosphere? Once you’ve identified what you’d like to create, you can start to analyze different lighting options. Look for lighting fixtures that can emphasize certain pieces of furniture or works of art. 

Focus on Ambience over Brightness

Think about the type of atmosphere you want to create, and pick lighting pieces that can create the same ambiance. Task lighting should be used to complement the overall space, while accent (or mood) lighting should be used to create an inviting atmosphere.

Consider the size and shape of the room, its existing color palette, and how much natural light it already contains. Soft-white, yellow, and warm LED bulbs produce a cozy glow that fills the space with a gentle aura. 

Make Your Home Shine With These Living Room Lighting Ideas

When it comes to living room lighting, choosing fixtures that reflect your tastes is best. When considering the type of light fixtures, consider your home’s overall aesthetic, the size of the room, the colors in the space, and the tone you wish to set.

The perfect combination of these elements can create a stunning look. Be brave, explore all your options and choose lighting to make your living room dream come true!

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