Errors with HVAC Maintenance

5 Common Errors with HVAC Maintenance and How to Avoid Them

Do you know what maintenance tasks you should be doing on your HVAC system? Do you know how to keep your system working as well as it should? If not, you’re not alone.

Mistakes with HVAC maintenance are common but can also be disastrous, causing your system to break down and costing thousands of dollars in repairs. Surely, you’re not willing to risk that.

Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid. Keep reading to learn some common errors with HVAC maintenance, how to spot them, and how to avoid them.

1. Making the Wrong HVAC Repairs

One of the most common errors in an HVAC maintenance routine is improper repairs. If the technician has the proper knowledge, skills, or training in updating or replacing parts, the wrong repair could be made.

This could lead to further damages and costlier repairs. To avoid this, always use professional technicians that are EPA certified and have experience and knowledge of the specific HVAC system.

Furthermore, verify with the technician the full scope of the repairs needed, along with a proper timeline before any agreed repairs are made. Following these steps will help ensure that the proper repairs are generally made correctly and in a timely manner.

2. Skipping Essential Cleaning and Inspections

Another common error with HVAC maintenance that you should avoid is skipping essential cleaning and inspections.

This can be an easy mistake to make, as HVAC systems may seem to be functioning properly; however, failing to regularly clean and inspect them can cause costly repairs in the future.

You should also do regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris that can accumulate in the system throughout the year and inspect any belts or fans for signs of wear and tear. Finally, ensuring all filters are clean and change will also increase efficiency.

Taking the time to perform these essential cleaning and inspection steps will help to keep HVAC systems running efficiently and extend their lifespan.

3. Overlooking Important Safety Precautions

Overlooking essential safety precautions when repairing HVAC units is one of the most common errors that can easily avoid.

Before maintenance, ensure you’ve shut down all power, unplugged all tools, and discharged capacitor banks and condenser motors, especially when dealing with electrical wiring and controls.

4. Ignoring Manufacturer Recommendations

It is important to remember that HVAC systems are typically designed for a specific purpose–to provide a comfortable and energy-efficient space.

If maintenance protocols are ignored or performed incorrectly, the system will become unreliable, inefficient, or even break down entirely. To avoid this, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance. 

5. Incorrectly Adjusting Thermostat Settings

Regarding HVAC maintenance, incorrect thermostat settings are one of the most common errors. Poorly adjusted thermostats can lead to extra energy usage, resulting in more expensive bills.

To avoid this, setting your thermostat between 78 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer and 68 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter is important.

This can be typically done manually or with a programmable thermostat, allowing you to automate your temperature settings. 

You can also check out this service that provides reliable HVAC service and maintenance. By utilizing the knowledge and expertise of a professional, many of these common errors can be avoided.

Avoid These Common Errors with HVAC Maintenance Today

Don’t let heating, ventilation, and air conditioning issues spiral out of control. You can avoid common errors with HVAC maintenance by taking the time to inspect, clean properly, and maintain your unit.

Don’t wait! Take action. Schedule your HVAC maintenance today!

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