How to Choose the Best Portable AC Unit for Your Living Space

Portable AC Unit

Did you know that close to 91 percent of homes in the United States of America have air conditioning installed in them? Air conditioning is a great luxury to have in your home, especially with the sweltering summer months right around the corner. Even a small AC unit or portable AC unit makes a world of difference in a bedroom on a hot and muggy night.

There are many things to consider when you’re in the market to get the best portable AC unit for your home. Having cold air ready to go in whichever room you need it in most is great, but there is more to finding the right portable air conditioning unit than how easy it is to move.

The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn about finding the best AC unit for your home. Keep reading to learn more today!

Know the Difference Between Room Units and Window Units

There are a number of options out there when you start digging into the different options for the best portable AC unit. The most common types are room units and window units. A window AC unit needs to be installed in a window frame and takes up space in the window.

The good news about a window AC unit is that it provides a permanent source of cool air during the hot summer months. If you have a loft or an apartment then you’ll love the cooling ability that comes with a window AC unit.

A portable room AC unit is a different option altogether. These AC units often come with wheels in order to make it easier to move and position them where you need them most. You can use these units on a temporary basis similar to how you’d use a space heater. Consider using your portable AC unit in rooms that see a lot of traffic, like living rooms and bedrooms.

You’ll Need Windows

Even with a portable room AC unit, you’ll still need access to a window for the best results. AC units need a way to vent the heat that the unit collects while operating. The best portable AC unit should come with a hose that makes venting that hot air outside a breeze (pun intended)!

There is some work that is required with getting the AC unit for your home set up and running on those hot days. Once it is set up you’ll probably want to keep it in place for a while. There are other options out there that don’t require a cooling hose but they’re not nearly as effective as a portable air conditioning unit.

There Are Air Conditioning Unit Ratings

There are certain ratings associated with the AC unit for your home, and these ratings determine the room size that they’re best suited for. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use them in a larger or smaller room than they’re rated for, but you might not get the results that are advertised.

Getting portable air conditioning units from places like will go a long way towards providing comfortable temperatures throughout your home. A good idea is to measure the rooms that you want portable AC units for and make sure that they’re a good fit for that space.

A Portable AC Unit Collects Moisture

It is important to remember that the best portable AC unit is not a dehumidifier, but it works in a similar fashion and it will collect moisture over a period of time. The cooling process involves your air conditioning unit collecting moisture from the air in order to make the temperature lower.

The water from the air gets collected in a pan or a bin in the air conditioning unit. Keep that in mind as you’ll need to empty it from time to time. The best portable AC unit will evaporate the water vapor that it collects from the air in your home.

Energy Efficiency Rating Is Vital

You’ll be shocked to discover how much energy a small AC unit uses when you get your first utility bill after using it. You don’t want to find out that you’re spending hundreds of dollars to make your apartment or home feel comfortable during summer. Do your research on the energy efficiency ratings of the air conditioning units that you’re considering.

The most important thing besides the price of the portable AC unit is the EER. Compare the EER of the different brands and models that you want for your home. The higher the EER number is, the more efficient the portable air conditioning unit is.

Portable AC Units Make Noise

Some people need perfect silence in order to fall asleep at night. If you’re one of these people then you need to find the quietest AC unit for your home possible. There are certain units that are designed to be as quiet as possible while still providing ample levels of cool air for your home.

The best portable AC unit is rated for noise in addition to EER. Look for a small AC unit that produces less than 45dbs of noise while operating.

Portable AC Units Use Filters

If you want to have cool air that is clean in your home then you’ll be happy to know that your portable air conditioning unit uses filters to keep you and your household from getting sick. There are tons of allergens and contaminants in the air, but these units are designed to filter those harmful things out of the air to keep your respiratory system in great condition.

Get the Best Portable AC Unit Today

Shopping for the best portable AC unit seems like it should be simple, but there are many different things that you need to consider about a small AC unit. You’ll need to decide if you want a small AC unit for the window or a portable AC unit with a hose and wheels. You also need to consider the EER and noise ratings of your different air conditioning unit options.

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