3 Common Mistakes with Bathroom Designs and How to Avoid Them

Aside from your bedroom and kitchen, your bathroom is one of your favorite spots in the house. Where else can you go to decompress alone and wash away all of the day’s stresses?

Given the value of your bathroom, this year may be a great time to rejuvenate it. Research shows that the average cost of a bath remodel is close to $18,000, and you might recoup 66% of this cost when you sell your home.

The question is, what mistakes with bathroom designs should you avoid? Here’s a rundown on the top bathroom design ideas to avoid in 2022.

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1. Mistakes with Bathroom Designs Include Using White

Like many other homeowners, you may be drawn to installing a white marble countertop in your bathroom. Or, perhaps you’d like to paint your walls white.

However, it’s time to look somewhere else to break up the monotony.

For instance, consider incorporating a vibrantly colored stone countertop featuring a shade of black, red, or blue into your bathroom instead. And when it comes to your walls, use gorgeous black glazed tiles for a striking backdrop. 

If you still want an overwhelming white look in your space, consider installing Carrara marble tile, which also offers hints of gray for a more interesting addition to your bathroom.

These moves can give your bathroom a more dramatic look that is still as ageless as the traditional all-white look is. 


2. Installing Floating Sinks

Another common bathroom design mistake is to install floating sinks.

Although floating sinks give bathrooms a luxurious vibe, they often take up large amounts of space. On top of this, they can be more difficult to maintain due to their design. And they have a tendency to cause water to splash around more easily.

A wall-mounted vanity is generally a better alternative to a floating sink. Be sure to also pair your vanity with a space-saving wall soap dispenser, like the wall soap dispenser here.


3. Using Handling Chandeliers

Finally, avoid using hanging chandeliers in your newly updated bathroom. 

Yes, chandeliers carry a touch of nostalgia with them. But with today’s minimalistic design trend, it’s best to go with defined and light fixtures. Think drop lights or globe pendants that emit light like the moon.

Such fixtures stand out for their striking impact on your bathroom’s overall look and lighting. And you can expect them to stay on trend in the years to come.


Revamp Your Bathroom with Confidence Today

Deciding to upgrade your bathroom is the first step to creating the oasis of your dreams. The second step? Figuring out what design trends to employ versus avoid.

Consider the abovementioned mistakes with bathroom designs to avoid as you embark on your bathroom project this year. In no time, you can end up with a more beautiful and functional bathroom — one that you can enjoy for years to come.

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