How to Buy the Right Tongue Rings

Tongue Rings

Tongue piercings are considered one of the edgier body piercing options you can find today. However, they have a long and storied cultural history. In fact, the practice of piercing the tongue had religious roots with the Aztecs and Mayans, as a means of sacrifice to the gods.

Nowadays, most people get tongue rings for aesthetic reasons, rather than ascetic ones. No matter the motivation behind the piercing, it’s important to know what to look for when choosing tongue rings as gifts. If you or a loved one has a tongue piercing and you want to know what jewelry will work best with their piercing, our tongue rings buying guide will offer some helpful tips.

First, Consider the Size

The first thing you should consider when you’re shopping at a tongue rings store is the size of the ring you want to purchase. Most tongue piercings get done at around a 14 gauge, so anything larger than that could stretch the hole or otherwise cause damage.

The length is also an important factor to consider. If someone recently got their piercing done, you’ll need barbells that are 7/8″ long so that the tongue swelling doesn’t cause issues. If the piercing was less recent, then 5/8″ should do the trick. In either case, most tongue jewelry will use straight barbells.

Second, Think About the Materials

The next thing to keep in mind for our tongue rings buying guide would be the materials used in the ring itself. Any sort of piercing requires consideration given for the materials used in it. However, the tongue is especially important, as there are hordes of bacteria and other contaminants waiting for the right point of ingress to the body.

You need materials that are safe for the body, which usually means springing for medical-grade metals like gold, nickel, and titanium.

Allergies Can Be Deadly

You should give special consideration to any metal allergies someone might have when buying tongue rings for them. An allergic reaction in the mouth could cause the tongue to swell so much that it obstructs breathing and sends someone into anaphylactic shock.

Choose a Reputable Seller

You can find loads of cheap tongue rings on the internet. However, as mentioned above, you need piercings with medical-grade, body-safe materials to avoid infection, allergic reaction, or other complications. You can only get those materials from a reputable seller like

So, don’t cheap out on your friend or loved one’s tongue rings. It could be the difference between a thoughtful gift and a trip to the emergency room.

Third, Don’t Forget the Occasion or Purpose

Another important factor to keep in mind when buying a tongue ring for someone is the occasion or purpose for which they want it. While most think of tongue piercings as a casual affair, you can find rings to suit almost any occasion.

Piercings Can Look Formal

You can find plenty of tongue rings with jewels or precious metals in them, making them perfectly suited for a formal occasion. If you have the money to spring on a diamond-studded one, you might even help a bride sparkle brighter on her wedding day.

Don’t Forget the Fun

Of course, there are more fun purposes for oral piercings. One of the most common types is a vibrating tongue ring, which allows those with a tongue piercing to give their partner a special experience. There are other (less lewd) ways to have fun with a tongue piercing, like bright colors and interesting shapes.

Professional Considerations

It’s easy to assume that people with tongue rings don’t work in the corporate sphere due to the stigma associated with oral piercings. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

If you choose acrylic tongue piercings, you can help someone hide their tongue ring at work. This can help avoid sticky situations with closed-minded HR offices.

Fourth, Remember When the Piercing Happened

The last thing you should keep in mind from our tongue ring tips is when, exactly, the piercing happened. As we mentioned before beginner tongue rings will be a fair bit longer than the standard to account for the swelling of the fresh piercing. You also don’t want to get something too thick or too heavy when the piercing is still new.

It probably wouldn’t be advisable to give someone who’s not used to a tongue piercing yet a ring with a hard stone where they could chip or even break teeth.

Fifth, Know the Signs of Danger

If you’ve decided to give yourself a tongue ring for the holidays, it’s important to know the signs that something could be going wrong with the piercing. Whether it’s fresh or a result of a poor choice of material, you need to know the hallmarks of danger. These red flags include, but are not limited to:

  • Excessive pain and swelling in the tongue
  • Yellow or greenish discharge from around the tongue
  • Running a high fever
  • Bumps near the front or back of the piercing

If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. The tongue is a hotbed for all sorts of nasties that could prove fatal if allowed to breed inside your body.


Let’s Review What to Keep in Mind When Buying Tongue Rings

So, what should the average shopper keep in mind when buying tongue rings? First, they should consider the size and material of the ring itself. Second, they should know the occasion for which the recipient wants to wear it. Third, they should know when the piercing got done. Last, they should know about the warning signs of a dangerous reaction.

Keep these thoughts in mind, and you’re sure to get the right ring. And, if you need more help making your decision, check out our blog for more fashion articles like this one.

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