Common Nose Shapes

Your Guide to the Most Common Nose Shapes

Did you know that the human nose can detect up to 1 trillion different scents? The human nose is an incredible thing, but it should come as nose surprise (pun intended) that there are tons of nose shapes and sizes. There is no best nose shape, but there are noses that conform to the most common nose shape.

While there is no best nose shape, it is still fun to go in and identify which nose shapes you and your friends have. If you’ve ever been curious about the different nose shapes that people have then you’ve come to the right place to learn more about the types of nose shapes.

Continue reading this article to learn all about the common nose shapes that people have today.

Fleshy Nose Shape

The most common nose shape in the world today is the fleshy nose. This nose shape actually accounts for almost a quarter of the population when it comes to the types of nose shapes in the world. Some people refer to the fleshy nose as the “Einstein Nose” since it is often associated with his.

It is characterized by an extra fleshy appearance with some fleshy noses even appearing bulbous in shape.

Turned-Up Nose Shape

Another common nose shape is the turned-up nose. This nose is also referred to as the celestial nose and it is characterized by its smaller size and shape. It tends to have a dent in the middle of the bridge which is paired with a protruding nose tip that looks like it is pointing up.

An example of a famous person with a turned-up nose is actress Emma Stone. This nose has come into prominence and gained popularity with people that want revision rhinoplasty surgery on their noses. This is one of the most popular nose shapes that patients request when they come to a plastic surgeon for a rhinoplasty.

There is a risk that comes with trying to get the turned-up nose shapes. If the plastic surgeon doesn’t get it just right then your nose will end up looking too pointy and prominent. A great example of this happening to a celebrity is Michael Jackson’s nose. Around 13 percent of the population has a turned-up nose shape.

Roman Nose Shape

There are two famous nose shapes that come from history that you’ll need to learn about. The first is called the Roman nose shape. This nose shape is one of the more common types of noses. The name for this nose shape comes from the shape of the noses on Roman statues and sculptures. 

The Roman nose is sloping and slightly curved when it comes to the types of nose shapes. It also tends to have a bridge that is more pronounced than other shapes of noses that make it stand out. The bridge tends to have a bit of a curve to it as well. It is associated with a strong profile. Two prominent celebrities that have this nose are Ryan Gosling and Tom Cruise.

Bumpy Nose Shape

The bumpy nose shape is another one of the most common nose shapes that you should know about. Around 9 percent of the world’s population has this type of nose. A bumpy nose gets its name because it has a bumpy appearance rather than a smooth and streamlined appearance.

Some bumpy noses even have a bit of a curve to them. A great example of a bumpy nose shape is Owen Wilson’s nose. People with bumpy noses often make prime candidates for a rhinoplasty procedure. This is because it is a simple procedure to go about smoothing the bumps in the person’s nose.

That process is much easier than getting your nose widened or slimmed down. If you have a bumpy nose shape and want to make a change then you should get in touch with a plastic surgeon near you.

Snub Nose Shape

Another prominent nose shape that you should learn about is the snub nose shape. A snub nose is a nose that has a thin profile with a pointed appearance. The typical snub nose has a bit of a rise to it at the tip of the nose. It is similar to the celestial nose with only some minor differences.

The big thing that separates the snub nose from the celestial nose is that the snub nose is more rounded and wide. It is estimated that only five percent of the world’s population has this nose shape.

Hawk Nose Shape

The hawk nose shape is another nose shape that is hard to miss. It has a very dramatic appearance that makes it stand out as a prominent feature. The hawk nose gets its name from the similarities in appearance when compared to the beak of a hawk or an eagle. Another common name for this nose is the aquiline nose. It helps to create a strong profile of a person’s face.

Adrian Brody is a famous person that has a prominent hawk nose shape.

Greek Nose Shape

The Greek nose shape is another nose shape that gets its name from history. This nose shape is often called the “straight nose” shape. It comes from the appearance of the noses on the ancient Greek statues and sculptures of their gods. It has a bridge that is defined by its straightness and tends to have zero curves or bumps in it.

If you’re looking for a good example of this type of nose then you should look no further than Jennifer Aniston. This nose is rarer, with only 3 percent of the population of the Earth featuring a Greek nose shape.

Now You Know Your Nose Shapes

There are a ton of different shapes that define the faces of people across the globe and it is important to know the names of these nose shapes and what characterizes each. Many people have a fleshy nose shape that features a bulbous appearance. There are also famous nose shapes that get their names from the ancient Greek and Roman statues that feature them.

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