Order Kratom Online

How to Order Kratom Online

What if someone told you there is an herbal product out that has the energy-boosting effects of coffee, the anxiety relief of Valium, and the euphoria of marijuana? 

Don’t worry, it’s easier than ever to order kratom online and get fast home delivery. Best of all, it’s legal in most U.S. states and safe in low doses. 

In this discussion, we are going to discuss what to look for in a trustworthy store and some tips to keep in mind when you make your first purchase.

What Does Kratom Do?

According to one study, consumption of kratom produces both stimulant and sedative effects. The very potent leaves, whether natural or in extract form, can provide a number of relaxing and energy-boosting benefits.

Tips on Kratom Shopping

The best way to get a deal on kratom prices is to look for a vendor offering wholesale kratom prices or look for seasonal and holiday sales.

You can also get a substantial discount if you:

  • Buy in quantity
  • Buy in packages, with other products
  • Use a coupon code 

Don’t forget to include kratom shipping in the overall price. Some companies offer free USPS shipping. Discount codes can even get you kratom overnight shipping, as EZKratom explains.

How to Choose the Right Kratom Vendor

When you order kratom for the first time, it pays to research the company in advance. Remember that the U.S. Government has no regulatory guidelines for selling kratom. 

Federally speaking, it’s legal, but there is not much in the way of label accuracy or ingredient safety.

Research the company website and learn more about how they: 

  • Get genuine kratom plant or leaves
  • Acquire kratom in an ethical way
  • Use sustainable growing practices
  • Use ethical manufacturing methods
  • Verify potency and labeling
  • Verify purity and avoid contaminants
  • Offer third-party lab testing
  • Offer customer service by phone or text
  • Offer a number of strains 
  • Accommodate refund requests

When it comes to your health, you can’t afford to skimp on quality or safety. Only buy from a company that can provide evidence of their growing and labeling processes.  

Is Kratom Illegal?

WebMD says that you can order kratom in all but six U.S. states. However, a number of individual counties have either banned kratom or are in the process of trying to pass restrictive legislation.

Keep an eye out for changing laws. 

Some companies may offer discreet kratom shipping options, where they don’t mention anything about kratom on the package or shipping forms. You might also check to see if the vendor accepts COD orders and money orders through the mail.

But the safest way to get kratom is to buy it from a reputable brand in a state that allows online and in-person sales.


Some companies do offer suggestions on how to dose kratom for specific benefits. To be safe, however, try to stick to low doses at first.

One or two grams is enough for a recreational or work improvement high. Large quantities of kratom should be stored over time and not abused. 

Overdosing may lead to serious side effects since kratom is the real deal when it comes to potency.

Compare Products Before You Order Kratom

Price is not the only consideration. Compare different products, methods of delivery, and company manufacturing information to find the best deal.

A company may not offer the lowest price, but if they offer a stellar reputation, five-star user reviews, and third-party independent lab testing, that’s peace of mind that’s worth more than a few dollars difference. 

To learn more about kratom’s effects and how to find better a price check out our other content on health and fitness and new thrifty deals.

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