6 Things to Look for In a Residential Care Home

Residential Care Home

The world of nursing homes is one of the best things invented in past decades. A residential care home gives the elderly a place to live with the security of knowing their needs are met. 

But how do you know what to look for in a care home? How do you know your elderly relative or you, for that matter, will receive the care you or they need? 

Keep reading to learn six things to look for when finding a care home. 

1. Understandable Terms and Conditions

When you go into a care home or have someone in a care home, there will be a contract between the care home and yourself. The contract is typically between the care home and the paying party. 

Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the contract. If you do not understand any terms, ask about them. Do not sign a contract that you do not fully understand. 

2. Clear Terms of Care

The terms of care should be clear from the day you visit the care home with your elderly relative. The care home representative should outline all of the care the residents receive. 

Ask about the care home’s latest inspection rating as well. Ask about the minimal amount of time required at the home. Do they require a minimal amount of time of residence, and will your fees change as you stay longer? 

The care home should also include a weekly estimation of fees. Ask about the extra services offered such as haircuts and settings. You should walk away from your initial visit with a comfortable feeling, knowing your resident will be well cared for. 

3. Procedures Should Change Occur

Sometimes a care home will want to change our contract. Ask about the situations in which the home will change the contract. You should have at least 28 days to consider the terms of the new contract, which may include a review of your fees and care. 

4. Conditions for Leaving

Ask the care home if they’ve ever asked a resident to leave. What are the conditions in which they should do this? Make sure they list the conditions in the contract. 

Furthermore, your care home should not ask a resident to leave before they contact the resident or the relatives assisting the resident. Like with the contract change, most states require a nursing home to give at least 28 days written notice before discharging a resident.  

5. Level of Service

Ask the nursing home administration about levels of service. Do you need to pay more for a different type of service in the home? All home staff should have the skill and care to provide the services listed in your contract. 

If you find your resident neglected, you can sue for breach of contract. 

6. Procedures For Complaints

Ask the assisted living or nursing home staff about the specific procedures should you have a complaint. The procedure should be simple and to the point, allowing you to talk to the individuals involved. Make sure the home has a plan in place.  

Residential Care Home Basics

When looking for a residential care home, ask about these six items. You will then find the home that will best serve your and your loved one’s needs. 

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