Start strong: How to Take Care of Your Kids’ Dental Health From Day One

Kids Dental Health

Let’s be honest: getting young kids to take good care of their teeth ends up feeling near impossible at times, with their refusal to brush and constant soda drinking. That said, it’s critical that you follow through, or else your child could face severe consequences to their teeth down the line.

But the same old reminders and warnings aren’t cutting it anymore. What can you do?

Well, we’re glad you asked. It’s time to take a look at our guide on taking care of your kids’ dental health from day one! 

But enough preamble! Let’s dive head-on into this thing!

Brushing Is Vital to Kids’ Dental Health

You should start your child on brushing their teeth as soon as they are around one year old (once their teeth start to appear) to help get them into a routine and protect their baby teeth from cavities and plaque. Even small children who don’t have teeth in yet should get their gums gently wiped after meals to prevent food from sticking around. Removing and cleaning baby bottles as soon as babies are done drinking from them also helps here.

If you are worried your child is too young to use toothpaste, start by brushing their teeth with water and work your way up to toothpaste. Remind them to brush twice a day, as well as floss once a day. 

But what if your child shows resistance to this habit? In that case, find ways to make dental care more fun and involve them. For example, let them pick out their toothbrush color and style. 

You can also use phone apps with your child’s favorite character to encourage them to brush. Pokémon Smile, for example, lets your child wear a funny hat through AR technology while they brush and catch Pokémon if the app sees that they’ve done a good job. 

Diet Changes and Dentist Visits

Another important aspect to aiding the dental health of young kids is controlling their diets. Too many sugary foods and drinks like soda will lead to acids present in the soda dissolving tooth enamel and creating cavities. Try to encourage your child to eat fruits in place of desserts when they need a sweet treat, and use caution if your child takes gummy vitamins (as these contain similar  sugars and acids). 

In addition, make sure that you schedule dentist appointments for your child as soon as they grow teeth. Regular checkups and cleanings are vital for catching problems before they grow into something worse. Feel free to look here now if you’re in the market for a top-rated family dentist. 

The Importance of Fluoride

Fluoride is a valuable component to strengthen your teeth, but many kids miss out on it if they drink purified water. This is because many kids receive their primary source of fluoride from tap water (as well as toothpaste). 

If you sense your child isn’t getting enough fluoride, try reaching out to your dentist. They can give you an oral supplement for your child to take that will increase their fluoride levels. 

Happy Teeth Means Happy Kids

And there you have it! Now that you know all about how to take care of your kids’ dental health, you’re ready to ensure their teeth stay healthy for the rest of their lives! And for more guides on keeping your kids healthy and happy, make sure to check out the other articles on our blog! 

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