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How to Sell Beanie Babies for Some Extra Money

Beanie Babies were all the rage in the ’90s, but there is still a hardcore collector’s base and fandom for these toys. This means that there’s serious money to be made selling beanie babies.

If you are someone who loved Beanie Babies when they came out and want to earn a living dealing with them, perhaps becoming a seller will pique your interest. With these kinds of novelty items, the best-sellers often were first the most voracious sellers.

However, you have to do your research and learn what you’re doing. If you’re learning how to sell Beanie Babies, start with the following tips.

Do Your Research Into Beanie Babies, Their Value, and Find Out What You Have

Before you can sell Beanie Babies, you have to know how much value they hold.

Developing a sense of how much Beanie Babies are worth will be your greatest asset. Finding out beanie baby value and what makes each one a hot item will make you more informed as a seller.

Get your current collection appraised, and look through listings to find out how much certain pieces are going for. The market sets the prices, so do your research into Beanie Babies’ news and notes to learn more about them as a whole.

Source Some Quality Beanie Babies and Start Working on Your Store

If you want to earn some serious money selling Beanie Babies, you need to get your hands on the best merchandise you can find. Some of these you can get through toy wholesalers, and others will come from collectors, thrift stores, estate sales, liquidation sales, and other outlets.

Take inventory of your current collection if you already have one, and get to know with ones that will fetch you the best return on your investment.

Focus on Marketing Your Beanie Baby Business

Learning to market is foundational to being a business owner today. Create your Beanie Baby online store and take great care of it.

This means getting your own domain and website, starting a blog, setting up social media profiles, and opening accounts on all the major online sales platforms.

Keep learning where to sell Beanie Babies effectively. Ensure that your listings have high-quality photos and all of the relevant information that serious collectors will want to know.

Take Care of Your Inventory and Keep Thinking Like a Business Person

As a Beanie Baby salesperson, you have to know your inventory like the back of your hand. This can become difficult when you have thousands of items, so create a system of organization.

You’ll want to invest in a software platform that will help you put together inventory numbers for each toy, along with grading, photos, and current asking prices.

Keep Learning How to Sell Beanie Babies

The tips above are a great start in helping you learn how to sell Beanie Babies. This can be a lucrative and fulfilling journey, especially if you’re a person who truly loves these toys or the toy industry as a whole.

Dedicate yourself to learning so that you can go from collector to entrepreneur.

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