How to Use Sticky Notes to Increase Your Work Productivity

Work Sticky Notes

It’s three in the afternoon and you haven’t gotten anything done at work. You lost track of time and got way off task. It sounds like you could benefit from creating some kind of to-do list.

There’s only one problem with to-do lists. It’s too easy to pencil something new on to it and overwhelm yourself. That’s why you should use a sticky note instead of a piece of notebook paper. 

You can’t fit as many tasks on a sticky note so you can stay on task without exhausting yourself. Want to know more about how to use sticky notes to keep yourself productive? Check out these quick hacks.

1. Bookmark Pages 

You bookmarked every page of your textbook that you need to study for your big test tomorrow. When you pick up the book to get started, every scrap of paper falls out of it. You knew you should have dog-eared the pages. 

The only reason you didn’t is that you’re renting the textbook. That’s why personalized sticky notes make a great bookmark alternative. They contain just enough adhesive to stay in place without damaging the pages. 

2. Create To-Do Lists 

What started as a four-task long list quickly turned into a ten in a matter of hours. This is the problem with using a computer program or a large piece of paper to write down your to-do list. There’s too much temptation to add things to it. 

Over time, this will lead to a loss of motivation because you feel like no matter how much you chip away at your list, you’re not getting anywhere. Try as you may, there are only so many tasks that you can add to a sticky note before you fill it up. 

Starting with the most important tasks and descending to the less crucial ones, create a daily to-do list. What won’t fit on the sticky note can be put on tomorrow’s note. 

Remember the idea isn’t to write small enough to jam pack the note with stuff. Keep the workload manageable. 

3. Jot Things Down That You Want to Remember 

You’re getting dressed when you’re struck with random inspiration out of nowhere. Finally, you know how you can fix up that pesky plot hole in the novel you’re writing. 

You make a crucial mistake. You don’t write down the idea before you go to work and by the time you get home, you’ve forgotten it all. Keep a stack of sticky notes on your desk for times like these. 

If you have a big idea but have to be somewhere soon, write it down on a Post-it and stick it to something on your desk. Now you have something you can refer back to later.  

4. Annotate Text

Writing down comments in the margins of a textbook is a good way for you to study and take in information. If you’re renting the book, however, you might be a little hesitant to write in it. 

You can use sticky notes to make your annotates instead. The adhesive back allows you to place the Post-it wherever you want in the book and it will stay there. 

Pro-tip, keep it to one point a sticky note vs writing down an entire paragraph. It’ll be easier for you to go back and study it later. 

5. Color Code Tasks 

Color coding is too good of an organization tactic for you to buy your sticky notes in only one color. You can use them to make highlights in a textbook without using actual ink. 

You can break your schedule up into categories such as subject and priority using colors as well. For example, green sticky notes could symbolize things you need to get done ASAP, and blue ones could represent tasks you can wait on.   

6. Brainstorm New Ideas 

There’s a huge problem at work right now and you’re trying to think of a solution to it. Believe it or not, you can find it by using sticky notes. 

When you have an idea, write it down and post it on the wall where you can see it. If you want to get really organized, you can color-code your ideas. When you have your choices out in front of you like this, it makes it easier for you to make decisions.  

7. Prepare a Timeline 

If you’re storyboarding a script or writing a book you can jot down events on a series of sticky notes and put them in a timeline of sorts. 

The reason why you want to use sticky notes for this is that you can make alterations to the timeline by simply moving the notes around. 

8. Studying  

Sticky notes are a great method to use for studying. If you’re taking a language class, you can use them to label things around your house in the language that you’re studying. 

Until you get the hang of the language, add the translation of the words on the sticky note as well. Over time you’ll no longer have to have the translations there as a safety net.  

How to Use Sticky Notes for a More Productive Day

Are you bad about losing track of time and going off task? You can get yourself back on track and it will only cost you a few bucks. Sticky notes can be used for studying, creating project timelines, brainstorming, creating to-do lists, and annotating text. 

You can take things a step further by separating your thoughts into categories and colors. Use this guide to learn how to use sticky notes and start taking advantage of this versatile tool today. 

Using sticky notes isn’t the only way you can stay organized at work. Check out our blog daily for more business tips. 

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