Amazing Language Learning Tips To Help You Get Fluent Fast

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As of 2020, there are about 7,111 known languages that are spoken around the world.

A lot of people speak at least two languages fluently. Some speak many more. The fact is the more languages you can understand, the better for you.


Well, the world is becoming increasingly globalized, and mobility is now a lot easier than it ever was. Learning a new language can prove significantly helpful when you’re traveling abroad or seeking new career prospects. It can also help you develop mental abilities, besides other benefits.

In this guide, we give you several top language learning tips that will help you speak fluently within no time. These tips are applicable to any language you’re interested in learning.

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Easy Language Learning Tips that Will Help You Speak Like a Native

Learning to speak, read, and write a new language can seem like an impossible affair for some people. This, however, doesn’t have to be the case, as this article proves. Check out the following guidelines that can help make everything easier for you.

Start with The Most Common Words 

In every language, different vocabulary is made differently. You want to focus on vocabulary that gives you the best return on investment. If you hire a tutor, ask them to start with words that help you follow basic conversations.

Many people make the mistake of studying vocabulary for family members, kitchen equipment, and the home. When it comes to something as simple as asking directions, they have no idea what to say.

Make a list of the 100 commonest words in the target language and practice making sentences with them as many times as you can. Within days, you’ll find that you feel comfortable with these words.

Read What You Write out Aloud

One of the most effective ways to get a good grasp of a new language is by learning to write it. Chances are you’ll be using a book that teaches you the grammar of that language. Take the time to complete the exercises provided in the book at the end of each lesson.

Besides solving the provided questions, practice reading what you write out aloud. As you do so, your confidence gets a boost, and this is an important aspect of progress. When you finally get in actual conversations, you’ll find that things are easier for you.

Find a Good Language Learning Tool

You already have a smartphone, so why not download one of the top language software available today to aid your language learning efforts? There are plenty of language learning tools that make it easy for people to learn a new language whenever and wherever they are. This way, you can accelerate your progress and become proficient quickly.

Many of these tools have a visualization feature, which makes it easier for you to remember important vocabulary and essential phrases. Some tools come with lots of speaking tasks that help you master the language faster.

Find Movies That Have Subtitles

Video subtitles may seem distracting for you. But when you’re attempting to learn a new language, such subtitles can be helpful. Remember, you’re looking to hear and learn the native speech.

Below are three steps that will help you benefit the most from foreign movies with subtitles:

  1. Watch the movie while reading the subtitles. Write down any words you don’t understand in your personal dictionary and find its definition.
  2. Practice pronouncing any new words and get the accent right. Try fitting these new words in your own sentences.
  3. Watch the movie again without reading the subtitles. See if you can understand as much of the speech as possible.

Continually Practice the New Language in Your Head

Everyone has monologues that keep running in their head. Typically, these monologues run in the language they’re most familiar with. Challenge yourself to start thinking in the language you’re trying to learn.

Construct sentences and hold conversations in your head in the new tongue. Think about questions you’re likely to encounter, and how you can answer them in the new language. This kind of visualization makes it easier for you when you finally hold actual conversations.

Imitate Native Speakers

Watch that foreign movie again. By now, you’re probably already familiar with the scenes, but you’re not going to get bored since you’re watching the movie with the purpose of learning. Listen to how the actors pronounce certain words and imitate them.

You’ll certainly need to pause the movie many times to imitate speech, but that’s okay. After you’re able to move your tongue and say words more easily, you can stop pausing the movie and try to mimic what characters are saying at the same time. 

Learn the Lyrics of Local Songs 

The words of a new language tend to flow naturally when you’re singing. It’s also easier to pronounce words right when you sing.

Music brings you a lot closer to the language you’re trying to learn. Find a song whose tune you enjoy and research its lyrics online, along with their translation. Then try to sing along, following the flow of words and learning as much as you can.

Find a Companion Who’s Also Learning the Language

Making friends with someone else who is also trying to learn the new language can prove highly beneficial. You may not notice that your pronunciation is slightly off, but when you’re working with someone else, it’s easy for them to do so. 

Practice talking to each other in the new language and correct each other if need be. Often, the corrections will result in heated discussions regarding the right pronunciations of specific words. These confrontations can be very productive as you and your friend analyze the new language together.

You Can Learn a New Language Fast

Mastering a foreign language may seem challenging at first, but the rewards are well worth the effort. For those aspiring to learn the new language within the shortest time possible, the language learning tips we shared in this guide can help.

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