10 Pool Safety Tips for Parents Taking Their Kids to Swim

Kids Swimming on a Pool

Are you planning a family trip to the pool?

A day out at the pool can be a great place for family bonding and is fun for all ages; not just the kids. Unless you practice good pool safety, the fun can soon turn dangerous or life-threatening. But you might not even know what good pool safety practices are.

Don’t worry! Read on for 10 pool safety tips that will keep your family safe and enjoying the fun of the pool.

1. Don’t Leave Kids Unsupervised

Most pools have the rule that kids under 14 can only use the jacuzzi or swim if there is an adult there to supervise. If there are a few adults present at the pool, then set up a rota to watch the kids. This way, the kids are under constant supervision but the supervising adult isn’t getting tired or distracted.

Even a small lapse in concentration can bring trouble so this way it’s avoided. Accidents happen and even children who are competent swimmers should be supervised at all times.

2. No Diving!

It’s a normal rule at most pools that diving headfirst into the water is not allowed. This is because if the water is not deep enough, you or your child can hit their heads on the bottom of the pool. Or if the dive is not executed properly it can end up in injury.

Make sure your kids are jumping in deep enough water, feet first. Or using the slides feet first. Never let them slide down headfirst or jump from the slides. This will help prevent pool injuries. Or worse as if they hit their heads, they could easily go unconscious in the water.

3. Don’t Allow Glass Near The Pool

Another safety tip is to not allow glass outside for the kids, especially not near the pool. In fact, this is a good rule adults should stick to too. When hands get wet, they become slippery and glasses can slip from the hand and smash on the floor.

Broken glass and bare, wet feet are a disaster waiting to happen. So it’s a good idea to ban glass around the pool area for all the family to prevent any accidents from occurring.

4. Don’t Allow Kids Under Six In The Jacuzzi

Pools with jacuzzi facilities will often state that infants, toddlers aren’t allowed in. This will often apply to any kids under 14 too. This is because the water gets too hot for younger children to comfortable withstand safely.

If there is a jacuzzi area, or if older children and adults are enjoying it already, it’s important to keep an eye on the younger ones. You don’t want them slipping or falling in, or trying to follow the older kids to end up scalded.

5. Bring Inflatables

Not only are inflatables fun for kids and adults alike, but they are also useful for safety too. But, to maximize their usefulness, restrict the number of inflatables in the pool at one time. This will help you keep an eye on your children and pinpoint where they are in the pool.

Be watchful, as inflatable rafts can overturn with ease. When done, make sure to take all inflatables out of the pool. If not, it might tempt young children to try and reach in to grab them.

6. No Running!

As with wet hands, wet feet can cause a danger of slipping. As such, you should put in place the rule with your kids that there is to be no running by the poolside. You should only allow walking.

Also, ban roughhousing as this can get out of control and can cause one or more of those involved to slip into the pool. We all know that the tile or concrete pool surroundings aren’t forgiving to wet feet.

7. Keep Rolling Toys Away From The Pool Edge

Make sure you keep rolling toys away from the pool area. Normally it’s young kids who enjoy playing with these toys. And they are also the most prone to pool accidents too. You don’t want to increase the risk by combining the two.

Factor in slippery, wet surfaces with unstable feet and rolling wheels, it’s a recipe for disaster. So be safe, and keep track of the types of toys taken to the pool. Anything unsuitable, remove it as soon as possible.

8. One For The Adults – Don’t Swim Alone

This goes without saying when it comes to kids, but it’s something the adults in the family should bear in mind too. Don’t swim alone! Even the best, most seasoned swimmers can have accidents or emergencies.

You might suffer from cramps, or a heart attack and not be able to get out of the pool by yourself. Be sure that you are swimming with someone else who can assist you in the event of a crisis. You should also ensure that others know where anyone who is going to the pool is at all times.

9. And One For The Kids – Don’t Leave Without Saying ‘Bye’

As with swimming alone, leaving the pool by yourself can be hazardous too. If older children want to leave with their friends, then make sure you know where they’re going.

Kids, and adults, should always let the people they’re with know when they’re leaving. For kids, always let your parents know who you’re going with, where you’re going and be back at the time they tell you.

10. Be Prepared!

Make sure the pool you’re visiting, or your pool at home is prepared. There should be rescue equipment, CPR instructions and a first aid kit at the least. It’s important that there are life jackets there, especially at least one kid’s life jacket. Or if not, bring your own.

Ensure emergency numbers and phones are accessible in case of an emergency. If you’re prepared, it will allow for a more relaxed time knowing that if something happens, you can handle it.

It’s Not Cool To Ignore Pool Safety Tips

So there you have it! If you follow these 10 pool safety tips, your family will be sure to have safe fun and stay safe at the same time.

Be aware of wet surfaces and how they react to wet feet. Slipping from running or roughhousing is a real danger. Also, keep any objects that could be hazardous because of the water away like certain toys and glasses. And most importantly, be vigilant. Make sure you know where the kids are at all times.

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