When to Sell Your Car: 8 Signs It’s Time

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According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the average American is holding onto their car for almost 7 years these days. Cars are more technologically advanced than ever before, and it’s allowing people to hang onto them for longer stretches of time.

If you’ve had your car for more than 7 years now and you still love it, you should keep driving it. There’s nothing wrong with getting as much life as you possibly can out of a car.

It’s important for you to know when to sell your car, though. It could end up causing you all kinds of problems if you don’t pick the right time to sell it.

Here are eight signs that’ll let you know it’s time to sell your current car and move on to a new one.

1. It’s Always in the Shop

Do you see your mechanic so much these days that you’re thinking about exchanging gifts with them when the holidays roll around? That’s not a good sign!

It means you’re probably paying a small fortune to keep your car out on the road. And unfortunately, there’s a good chance the spending isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Once parts on a car start to fail, it’s not uncommon for car owners to spend more time driving their vehicles to the shop than anywhere else.

Stop the bleeding and sell your car immediately.

2. It’s Not Safe to Drive

Most new cars come loaded with all kinds of crazy safety features. You’ll feel so safe when you get behind the wheel of one.

You might not be able to say the same for the old car you’re driving now. If it’s more than 10 years old, it likely doesn’t have a single safety feature that you’ll find in today’s vehicles.

Keep yourself, your passengers, and your fellow drivers safe by dumping your old car and buying a new one.

3. It Guzzles Too Much Gas

Does your car get at least 25 miles per gallon as far as fuel efficiency is concerned? If not, you’re spending way too much money at the gas pump every week.

New cars get right around 25 miles per gallon on average, and there are some cars that get a whole lot more than that. Sell your old gas guzzler and invest in a new car that’ll save you money every time you fill it up with gas.

4. It Doesn’t Fit Your Whole Family

There are some instances in which you don’t have to think very hard about when to sell your car. If, for example, you have a car that seats six and you just added a seventh member to your family, it’s time to get a new car.

It’s unsafe, not to mention illegal, to try and cram too many people into a single car at once. Find something that will fit your family better and give everyone a chance to stretch out. 

5. It’s Not Comfortable

The average person spends about 19 workdays commuting to work each year. That’s a lot of time spent sitting in your car.

There is no way around commuting for most people. But if you’re going to commute, one way you can make it more manageable is by ensuring that your car is as comfortable as it can be.

If your current car is lacking in the comfort department, pick up something new that will keep you more comfortable from now on. It’ll make commuting a little bit less painful than it is now.

6. It’s Ugly

You might love your car because of all the memories you’ve made in it over the years. But that doesn’t mean you have to love the ugly exterior of it!

Over time, many cars lose their luster after being left out in the hot sun for years on end. They also get dented up and even start to rust in some cases.

If your car has seen better days, there’s not a whole lot that you can do to bring it back to life. Unless you’re willing to spend money to fix any imperfections and repaint it, it’s going to continue to look ugly and get uglier over time.

You’re better off selling your car and buying something that looks nicer.

7. It Stresses You Out

Most people are stressed out enough as is. The U.S. has turned into one of the most stressed countries in the world.

People are stressed out about everything from their professional lives to their financial situations. Why make things worse by stressing out about your car, too?

If your car stresses you out and causes you to worry more than you should, sell it and buy something that won’t stress you out as much. It’ll be a worthwhile investment when you consider the positive impact it’ll have on your mental health.

8. It Doesn’t Get Used Much

Is there a car sitting in your driveway that you don’t use much?

Maybe you don’t use it because it needs a repair that you haven’t been able to get around to doing. Or maybe you don’t use it because you bought something nicer recently and prefer driving that.

Whatever the case, there is no reason for you to keep it around. Even if it’s not in the greatest shape, you can sell it and get good money for it.

Google “sell my car” and your location and you’ll find cash buyers willing to take your car off your hands. It’ll remove an eyesore from your driveway and give you money to spend on your new car.

Know When to Sell Your Car and Do It

Some people really struggle to sell their cars when the time comes. Their cars have been such a big part of their lives that they have a hard time parting ways with them.

Know when to sell your car and then take the necessary steps to do it. It might be difficult to do, but if you’ve noticed any of the signs listed here, it’ll be the right move to make.

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