The Untold Secret to Raising a Smart Child

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Have you ever seen a smart child that seemed to be knowledgeable beyond their years? You look at their parents and marvel.

How did they make their kids so smart? Or were their kids always this smart?

If you want to learn how to raise an intelligent child, all you have to do is look at the clues other parents have left behind. Success leaves clues in all areas of life and that includes raising smart kids.

Continue reading this article and learn how to make your child smarter.

Games Are Golden

Kids want to play games. They are constantly asking for your phone or tablet so they can win at Angry Birds or some other game.

While these games might not be educational, they can help your child with their motor skills and problem-solving skills. You can also find educational games kids can play that will help them learn in ways they enjoy.

When kids learn through playing games, they are highly engaged and willing. One of the reasons some kids don’t learn well at school is because they are resisting education. Games are a great way to get kids on board so their minds are more receptive to learning.

Monitor How You’re Responding to Your Child

Notice the way you, your partner and anyone around your child respond to them when they make a request. The way you respond to your child has a lot to do with the way they look at life.

As parents, we want to protect our children. Since we want to protect our children, sometimes we put our beliefs over on them and it isn’t always helpful for them. If we are passing on unfounded fears, we could cause our children to be too cautious which will discourage them from learning and experiencing new things.

Instead of trying to answer everything that your child asks you, encourage them to discover and learn. Ask them open-ended questions and help them come to their own conclusions.

Make as Few Rules as Possible

While rules can be helpful and keep a house running smoothly, having unnecessary rules can decrease a child’s creativity. Keeping your children safe is important but there are some rules that children can do without and still be safe.

Allow your child to learn their way in the world as much as possible and you’ll see how brave and creative they become.

Boredom Isn’t Bad

Do you remember how painful it was to be bored when you were a kid? Being bored as a kid was the number one more horrible thing to experience for most children. Since you hated being bored, you likely don’t want your child to go through it either.

What you should know is that boredom isn’t bad. Boredom helps your child think up new things to do. Boredom gives your brain space and allows a child to stop going in the same routine they normally would go in.

Model Smart Behavior

Our kids take after us. If you don’t read, it’s unlikely your kids are going to read. If you don’t further your education, it’s unlikely your kids are going to be interested in education.

Whatever you want your kids to do, you should make sure your kids know you’re doing it as well. Even if you’ve done it in the past, children need to see you doing it now.

You might be surprised at how children will start showing interest in things when you start doing them. Children want to be with their parents and get curious about what they are doing. Give it a try and see how it works for your family.

Failure is Your Friend

You might notice many adults that are terrified of failing. Failure is the villain of most adult nightmares and daytime terrors.

What if I bomb this presentation? What if that girl doesn’t like me when I ask her out?

Fear of failure cripples far too many people. Instead of viewing failure as a friend, many people view failure as a foe. If you see failure as a foe, your child is likely to see it that way as well.

Children that are afraid to fail can’t learn as easily because they are afraid to get things wrong. If we as parents try to protect our children from feelings of failure and sadness, it will just make things worse and keep them from taking risks when they get older.

Give Reading and Music the Green Light

Reading opens a whole new world to your children. When children read, they are able to learn things they might not have otherwise discovered. You never know when they might find a topic that excites them and makes them want to learn and develop in that area.

Many children figure out things they would like to study in college or hobbies they would like to develop as adults through reading books. Now it is easier than ever to get your hands on a good book since you have access to ebooks, audiobooks, and more.

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