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10 Birthday Party Craft Ideas You Have to Try

Are you planning your little one’s birthday party?

Party planning can get a little overwhelming. You want to make the party great by finding activities that will soak up time and keep them interested. 

Crafts will do just this and offer a creative alternative to candy-filled goodie bags. 

Keep your kids’ party guests entertained without breaking the bank or losing your mind by setting up a cool craft! An age-appropriate activity will keep them all in one area for a chunk of time and allow them to show off their creative abilities.

Here are ten birthday party craft ideas to choose from!

1. Nature Collage

Creating a nature collage requires two parts: foraging and assembling. The kids will go wild over both!

Take about 20-30 minutes to let the kids collect their goods in a paper bag. Before sending them off, talk about some of the cool natural craft supplies they might find.

Encourage them to look out for twigs, pretty leaves, pinecones, acorns, pebbles, helicopters, and other natural items. Ask another parent or two to help keep an eye out, especially with little ones, to make sure nobody touches or swallows anything dangerous.

Once they gather their supplies, give them each a piece of construction paper. Supply tape and glue so they can arrange their collection the way they wish on the paper. Challenge older kids by having them create a picture by blending their cool finds into a colored pencil drawing. This will appease both their curiosity and creativity. Plus, it costs you nearly nothing!

2. Popsicle Stick Figures

This craft idea is a real treat! It will work best with kids ages 6-8.

Let them each enjoy a popsicle and then wash the stick. Supply them with fabric scraps, buttons, string, and other odds and ends. Applying the glue with paintbrushes will avoid big drips.

If the kids need inspiration, encourage them to make celebrities, characters, animals, bugs, or monsters. Make it a competition by supplying a prize for the most creative stick figure.

3. DIY Selfie Station

Looking for a craft for birthday parties that entertains tweens? They will love designing and utilizing a selfie station!

Set up a 6×6 paper backdrop on an open wall for the kids to color on. They might add balloons, streamers, banners, confetti, graffiti, etc. 

Cut a square out of a large cardboard box to make a frame. Let the kids wrap it in birthday paper with ribbons and bows. 

Supply them with props, like plastic sunglasses, party hats, and party horns. Once they finish decorating, give them a selfie stick and let them snap away fun pics with their friends.

This selfie station offers over an hour of fun for a hard to please age group. Collect the pics they post off of social media to send little custom “thank you” cards in the weeks to follow.

4. Paper Plate Masks

Paper plate masks make great kids’ party crafts. They are easy enough for preschoolers and fun enough for elementary schoolers.

You only need plain paper plates, tissue paper, and coloring supplies. The kids can make characters that meet the theme or come up with their own creations. 

In the end, give each child a chance to display their craft in the spotlight. You can do so by arranging a skit or parade with the masks for the parents.

5. Party Hats

For a sensible and straightforward preschool craft, have preschool children make birthday hats they can wear by folding construction paper into a cone and taping it.

Let them decorate the hats by gluing on pom moms, ribbons, and other craft items. An adult should staple elastic to the bottom for a chin strap. 

This craft works well as a prelude to cutting the cake! 

6. Cupcake Decoration Station

Turn cake time into craft time! Bake a cupcake for each child and leave it plain.

Set out frosting and little bowls of topping options. Kids of any age will love this taste of creativity!

7. Create a Craft Scavenger Hunt

Get creative and turn a fun party game into craft time. For kids ages 7-10, create a crafty treasure hunt.

Put them into groups of 3 or 4 and walk them in separate directions around the neighborhood to race to fulfill the item list. Once they get all the items on the list, have the group create a craft with the items.

The first group to finish wins! For more ideas, check out these party game deals.  

8. Friendship Bracelets

Little girls love to make and wear friendship bracelets. This craft requires a bit of skill, so save it for girls around 10. 

Buy spools of all different colored strings from the fabric store and supply safety pins and pillows to secure the strings by the knots.

This craft can keep them busy for a long time. It’s perfect for sleepovers.

9. Oobleck

Make your birthday craft ideas into a science project!

Oobleck is a non-Newtonian fluid, meaning that it defies the laws of physical science. When you press on it, it acts as a solid, but take the pressure away, and it flows like a liquid.

Let elementary school kids each mix a half cup of corn starch, a quarter cup of water, and a drop or two of food coloring. Purchase tiny condiment containers with lids so they can take it home.

10. Galaxy Jar

Kids will love creating galaxy jars to take home! These cool party favors will last a long time!

You need mason jars for each child, tempered paints, glitter, water, and cotton balls. Have the kids mix the paint in the water, insert stretched cotton balls, and add glitter.

Start by filling the jar a quarter of the way full. Once they complete the process, they press the cotton down tight with a spoon and do it over again little by little until they full the jar.

The kids will have out of this world fun!

Give These Birthday Party Craft Ideas a Try!

Birthday parties can cost a ton of money. Cut costs by using these fun birthday party craft ideas that the children will love.

Parenting is serious business but should make life more fun. Check out our website for more craft ideas that you will love doing as a family!

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