Organization Hacks: 10 Organizing Tools Already Laying Around Your House


Getting rid of clutter gets rid of 40% of housework.

Is your disorganization costing you time?

If so, you need to pause and re-assess. You have heard the term, “time is money“, right?

Here are 10 random organization hacks to stop wasting time by decluttering your home. As a bonus, these are things you can find around your house or for cheap at a dollar store.

1. Plastic Lids

I can count on one hand how many people I’ve met my entire life that have their Tupperware cabinet under control.

It gets hectic quick, which is why you need to use an old CD holder or file rack to organize that mess.

2. Plastic Bags

We shouldn’t have any of these things considering what we know about how harmful plastic is to the environment.

Nonetheless, we’ve all been to the grocery store and forgotten our reusable bags.

When that happens — keep them!

You can store them neatly in an old, washed out Dura-lite container with the lid cut off. Then you’ll get two birds with one stone by re-using two plastic items.

3. Bath Toys

This works the same with loofahs and sponges, 

Use a hanging basket (perhaps a fruit one) to keep bath toys from dripping outside of the tub.

This trick works with loofahs and sponges, too.

4. Office Supplies: Pens and Scizzors

All right, there are a few things you can do in this department.

The first is to repurpose soup cans into pen holders. You can even decorate them for style points.

5. Office Supplies: Drawers

The second is to use old baking sheets or muffin tins inside of drawers. This is great for shallow spaces or those junk drawers we cram shut (oops).

6. Bobby Pins

Do you lose more bobby pins than you use?

Try storing hairpins in an old Tic-Tac container or on a magnetic strip.

7. Jewelry When Traveling

It’s easy to throw your jewelry into a tangled mess when traveling…and then spend forever untangling necklaces and earrings.

Put small earrings and rings in pill organizers to keep you from having to sort them out after your trip.

8. Loose Cords

Am I the only one who has drawers and piles of random cords?

Hopefully not… Regardless, we should all make use of binder clips by clipping cords in a bundle.

9. Tank Tops

Besides the kids’ room, our own closet might be the most disorganized space in the house.

To slowly start tackling that mess, put your cami tank tops all on one hook or hanger. When you’re ready, check out these other closet organization tricks.

10. The Most Versatile of Organization Hacks: Repurposing Old Glass Jars

I could go on all day about the various uses for mason jars. Cupcake liners, cotton balls, flour, you name it.

Here’s one way you can clean out used jars for repurposing.

All Organization Counts — No Matter How Small

To hype yourself up about getting the little and big stuff cleaned up, tell yourself this:  

It’s one small step for organization hacks, one large step for time well spent.

Once you get fully organized and regain 40% of the time you were spending due to chaotic clutter, now you can move on to saving money on cleaning.

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