Host with the Most: 5 Sneaky Ways to Find Cheap Email Hosting

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The evolution of technology dictates that no business can survive without a website. From enterprises to mom and pop shops, every company needs a web presence.

But to be honest, not every business can doll out the dough for a spot online. Considering cost, there’s a critical need for affordable web hosting. And you have to find ways to get it. 

There are one billion plus websites registered worldwide. WordPress powers one in four of them, with speed being the productive factor. You need a host that can save you a penny while boosting your site’s conversion rate. 

If you’re wanting to create a website but can’t get past the cost of hosting, read on. Here’s an informational guide to finding cheap email hosting!

What is Cheap Email Hosting?

With any service on the world wide web, what you pay for is what you get. But there are ways to save money and find great deals for the service you need.

Cheap hosting is one of them. 

A web host is a business that offers its servers through sale or lease. They store and deliver files that enable clients to publish their websites on the Internet.

Depending on how you plan to run the site, some hosts can offer email hosting at lower prices. They base their pricing on monthly plans, considering the business size and need. 

In smart cases, if you choose right, you can secure email hosting for less than $100 a year. 

1. Choose the Right Features

Choosing website features is similar to choosing a purse. You have to decide how much of it you need. 

Will your website be informational or commercial? How many products and services need hosting? And, will you be running a blog for content marketing sake? All this comes into consideration when choosing hosting.

For email hosting, all you need is the basics—a page listing and a large enough email server. At the very most, an online listing of your company’s hours of operation. 

Seek out a web host with considerable server size to operate your email hosting. You’ll find this simple feature costs less than larger e-commerce sites. 

2. Uptime

Don’t waste your time with hosts that have a reputation for frequent server downtime. Though speed is the competitive marketing force for web hosts, some fail the test.

If you’re site’s down, you risk losing business, which leads to a reduction in clientele. Customers can’t find you nor communicate with you via hosted email. 

Go with a host who excels in uptime monitoring. 

3. Don’t DIY

The ultimate goal is cheap hosting. But you don’t have to do-it-yourself with sites like Weebly or Wix.

Traditional web hosting gives you control over your domain, even if it’s email hosting. Plus, sometimes you have the option to add additional functionalities at no cost  

4. Monthly vs. Annually

A smart route to get cheap email hosting is to weigh the cost of monthly and annual pricing. 

Some hosts offer six to 12-month plans for less than $3.00 per month. Yes, that’s real. As a matter of fact, Fivement offers some of the best email combo deals. Go to to verify their specials.

Other web hosts give you a massive discount on the backend if you pay for a year upfront. Examine your budget and choose a provider who’ll suit your email hosting needs. 

5. Speed 

A good email host offers reliability and speed. While inexpensive is the way to go, consider the aforementioned load time as well. 

Load time works by the millisecond. A smaller millisecond means a faster load time. In terms of email hosting, your email service runs faster with a better ms. So, when you’re looking for cheaper, choose a host with a rep for efficient load times.

Get Discount Hosting 

The landscape of technology is ever-evolving. Having a web presence is part of that landscape, especially if your need is cheap email hosting.

Analyze your budget. Then choose a host who offers a more favorable monthly or annual premium. 

Take a look at our thrifty business tips for more insight into saving money in business. 

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