10 Tips for Finding High Quality Affordable Wedding Rings


The average cost of a wedding is over $25,000 dollars

Between the food, dress, venue, and everything else, most people empty out their bank for their special day. It looks great in pictures, but there has to be relief for your wallet somewhere in the mix. Could it be in the wedding rings?

There’s the silly saying an engagement ring should cost three months worth of salary. However, why break the bank when there are great rings for cheap? 

If you don’t believe us, make sure you keep on reading. We are here to show you 10 tips on how to find affordable wedding rings. Think all about the money you’d be saving and could use for the best honeymoon ever.

1. Set a Strict Budget

One of the quickest and easiest ways to find cheap wedding bands is simply not allowing yourself to buy expensive wedding bands. While it seems silly to point this out, many people fail to set and stick with a strict budget. This can easily put them in the hole when it comes to money. 

Take some time to sit down and research the average costs of wedding rings and the different options available. Look at your own bank account, and then come up with a budget for the ring. 

If you need help budgeting, don’t forget to hop online for helpful budgeting resources

2. Shop Online 

Successful ring shopping doesn’t have to mean strolling into Tiffany’s. Luckily, we have the advantage of the internet. It’s a wide world of cheaper opportunities.

Spend time looking at online jewelers and private owners. Not only are the costs usually lower, there are more unique options. Since they don’t have to buy bulk, they expand on the options available for purchase.

3. Look at Different Stones

Hear us out on this. What if wedding rings didn’t have to be diamonds? There are tons of inexpensive wedding rings options that include alternative stones

The stones in the rings can heavily represent an individual’s personality, and not everyone enjoys a diamond. If the person enjoys deeper colors with the same amount of beauty, look into stones like emerald or garnet. If they are old-fashioned and classy, consider a pearl.

You don’t have to complete cross diamonds out of the equation. The main stone on the rings can be something else while there are smaller accent diamonds around the band. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

4. Choose a Different Metal

While you’re looking at alternative stones, check out metal types as well. The usual choices are platinum or gold, but there are plenty of other metals that are equally as good. 

Popular cheaper options include cobalt chrome or Argentium silver. Both of these metals are silver and keep their tone without the need for re-plating. 

Unfortunately, there are no printable coupons for wedding rings, but looking at different metal options can introduce you to affordable wedding rings you wouldn’t have considered otherwise. 

5. Buy the Set

One of the best ways to save major money when purchasing wedding rings is buying the rings as a set. Many jewelers will offer a discount on the second ring if you pay full price on the first.

We know it seems scary to buy everything all at once. It makes the whole life commitment thing real. Take a breath.

Even though buying wedding band sets can seem a little overwhelming, it’s a great way to sit with your partner and discover your different tastes in jewelry. You’ll always remember picking out your sets together.  

6. Turn to Family

If you want a ring that is free and sentimental, ask your family if there are any family rings. These rings could come from a deceased family member or separated family members. 

A piece of jewelry can hold a lot of monetary and emotional value. Having something so special passed down to your for your wedding day will make a huge impact. Plus, you’ll have a unique ring. 

7. Alternative Options

Cheap wedding rings are great, but you don’t even technically need a ring. If you want a cheaper yet very permanent option, try a tattoo band. Many people are getting tattooed rings on their finger. 

It may seem a little extreme, but at least you’ll never lose it. It’s also great if you have a job that makes wearing a ring difficult. If a tattoo isn’t your style, some couples have even gotten piercings in their finger.

8. Buy at the Right Time

One of the best ways to find affordable wedding rings is planning out ahead of time and waiting for the right moment to purchase them. There are certain seasons retailers offer discounts so you have to be ready. 

A great time to look around for rings are near the holidays, more specifically right before or after Christmas. Jewelers will be running discounts on their products. 

9. Recycle a Ring

A wedding ring doesn’t have to be an elaborate band with expensive stones. A wedding ring doesn’t have to be brand new to you. 

If you have a few rings of your own that you rarely wear but also cherish, re-purpose them as wedding rings. Send them in to a jeweler for a good cleaning, and you’re all set. 

10. Prepare and Compare 

The most effective way to save money on any major purchase is being prepared in that purchase. This means spending plenty of time searching jewelers, viewing photos, and reading reviews. It also means comparing prices and sales.

Some people love a quick wedding process. How ever long you have until your ceremony, take all the time you can to decide on these important purchases. 

Finding Affordable Wedding Rings

There’s a lot of pressure around the big day. You have to find the photographer, order the food, and find the perfect dress. You also have the pressure of finding affordable wedding rings.

Not to worry, we are here to help with that. Above are 10 tips on finding wedding rings for your budget. Make sure you read above to save some money. 

If you want more tips on saving money or a coupon for this week’s dinner, make sure you check out the rest of our site. 

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