Your Desk Needs an Upgrade: These Are the Best Desk Accessories for 2019

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While most people work around 40 hours a week, lots of people spend more hours than that at their desk, leading to lots of potential problems.

Without the right desk accessories for your job, you’ll end up getting tired more easily, being susceptible to injuries, or just feeling uncomfortable. The best desk accessories ensure that you work comfortably, no matter how demanding your job is.

Here are five accessories you should get for your desk this week.

1. Standing Desk Attachment

In all likelihood, you spend most of your waking hours seated at a desk or sitting down. While it’s not like as soon as you sit down you shorten your life, there’s a lot of research to correlate the lifestyle of sitting all day with bad health habits. A sedentary lifestyle ends up becoming a part of how you move through the world – or how you don’t.

Getting a standing desk attachment to add to your desk set up means that you’re able to get up on your feet and move around while you’re working. A standing desk might seem counter-intuitive to you, but you don’t know how great it is until you try. 

When you’re standing up at your desk, it changes the way that you interact with your co-workers. You’ll find that you’re more willing to walk over to ask questions or have a quick meeting, rather than sending a chat or an email. It makes you more social at work and ends up keeping your blood flowing.

If you’re looking for ways to make the transition to a healthier work-life, check out these tips for more information.

2. Cable Wrangler

While so much of our day to day work life has become wireless, there’s still the need to have lots of wires for charging, transferring data, or connecting. Until we have wireless charging available, there’s no real wireless life yet available. In fact, when it comes to connectivity and data transfer, there’s no match for the connectivity you get with a wired connection.

If you’re struggling with a bird’s nest of wires under your desk, you should look into getting a cable wrangler to ensure that you can organize your wires. It’s hard to wrangle wires without the right tools. This is especially hard if your IT staff is coming by your desk every two days to add something new or install something.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to add some order to your wires. If you need to troubleshoot something, it’s vital that you know where it’s plugged in and how to deal with it. If you can’t even find the power cord, how are you ever going to troubleshoot a faulty piece of equipment?

A set of colored velcro wire wraps gives you the chance to see what you’ve got under your desk in a color coordinated way. Otherwise, a rubber holder the manages all of your wires is the key to keeping cables organized.

3. A Better Mug

One of the most important elements of most people’s workday is their morning cup of coffee.

If your mug makes your coffee too cold too fast, those frequent trips to the kitchen to warm it up are going to interrupt your workflow. If you want to live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, you should look into a good reusable mug.

A reusable mug isn’t just a better option than that daily cup that ends up in the trash. A reusable mug can be outfitted with insulation that ensures that it stays warm for a while. When your coffee stays warm for longer, you enjoy the flavor for longer and make fewer trips to the kitchen.

A better mug also keeps you from spilling all over your desk and ruining any paperwork or technology on your desk. As we require more expensive equipment on our desks for productivity, it’s vital that everything stays protected from spills. A better mug with a better seal ensures that those spills rarely happen, if at all.

4. Music Is Motivating

If you work from home, getting the perfect music setup is key. Whether you listen to music or public radio in the morning, it’s important to have a sound setup that suits you. A Bluetooth speaker removes one extra wire from your life while adding a high-quality sound that you need to stay motivated.

If you work in a tightly packed office, your option needs to be headphones. With all of the wireless Bluetooth options available, you need to decide between over the ear, in-ear, or wireless earbuds. They all have their pros and cons, so find the one that’s most comfortable and has the sound quality you’re looking for.

5. How’s Your Lighting?

Whether you’re looking at a screen all day or you’re leaning over paperwork, you need to have comfortable lighting. One of the easiest ways to get fatigued is to have your eyes wear down on you. If you don’t have the right lighting, you’re going to get tired faster and be more likely to make mistakes.

Get yourself a desk lamp that not only offers the right lighting but that is aesthetically pleasing to you. A desk lamp can provide that supplemental lighting to ensure that you feel comfortable staring at the same thing for hours.

If you’re staring at a screen all day, you can find lighting solutions that balance out the straining act of staring at a screen.

The Best Desk Accessories Ensure Productivity

If you want to stay productive all week long, you’ve got to have the best accessories at your disposal. It’s vital to use the best desk accessories for your way of working and how you like to do business.

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