Segway Alternatives: 9 Cheaper Options Than Buying Them a Segway

segway alternatives

Segways were all the rage when they first came out, and now mini Segways are catching the eyes of many young people and adults, too. But, there’s no sense in paying for something that expensive if you can just use smarter, more financially savvy ways of getting around!

Even if you can afford a Segway or mini Segway right now, think of all the better things you could put your money towards instead. This alone should be enough to make you look into Segway alternatives.

The following is a list of 9 smarter, cheaper options to use for getting around rather than buying a Segway.

1. A Bike

Whatever happened to riding bikes around the neighborhood with friends? This is how most children used to get around back in the day, and how many adults commute to work in this day and age.

Bikes are fun and practical. They work on more kinds of terrain than a Segway does and they can transport more than one person if there’s a baby seat on the back or if you get a tandem bike. There’s also more room for storage with a basket.

There’s nothing wrong with sticking with something that’s been around for many years. Many great bikes are priced between $100-$200 and you can find even cheaper ones at pawn shops and thrift stores.

2. A Skateboard

The skateboard is arguably the only Segway alternative that ties in popularity with bikes. These are the two most common means of untraditional transportation methods out there.

Many skateboarders use their board to go from house to house in a neighborhood and to cruise to nearby destinations in their local area. This can include anything from the coffee shop down the street to the office a few blocks down!

3. A Scooter

Up next on the list of smart Segway alternatives is a scooter. The only downside to using a scooter is that it can feel like more work than a bike or a skateboard. You don’t get to relax as much because you’re constantly pushing hard to keep going.

But, some people like that! The “work” that you have to do on a scooter makes your body more active. Scooters engage the mind and body much better than a Segway can, which is nice for people who easily get bored.

4. An Electric Scooter

If you think about it, an electric scooter is kind of like a bike and a Segway mixed into one. Riding an electric scooter around feels like cruising on a bike does once you reach a good speed. It also has all the automatic functions of a Segway, which is what draws most people’s attention to these tools in the first place.

But, it’s still nowhere near as expensive as the cost of a Segway. Not to mention, electric scooters have all kinds of fun variations! It’s worth taking the time to read more about what kind of electric scooters are good for children and to explore more sophisticated, adult-friendlier options like a moped scooter.

5. A Hoverboard

The hoverboard is basically the automatic version of a skateboard. It’s something that you step on and lean into to tell the wheels to turn and to navigate the direction.

Some people love these and others can’t get the hang of them. If you’re looking for a fun balance challenge and a unique way to get around, they’re worth trying out – especially considering how low-cost they are in comparison to a Segway!

6. Carpooling

If a low-cost means of transportation is what you’re really trying to find, see how well carpooling works out for you.

Offer to do this with other moms in the neighborhood so that not all of you have to drive to and from school twice a day, every single day. Or, consider creating a carpool with friends from work to make your commute more cost-effective and more enjoyable.

These are just a few of the carpooling options available to you. It’s also worth carpooling to social gatherings on the weekends whenever you can or trying to share one car with your spouse instead of having two.

7. Renting a Car

Maybe the reason you’re interested in getting a Segway is that you’re not actually using your car too much. Such is the case for people who live in highly urbanized areas and still want to get around easily, but not pay as much to do so.

The thing is, though, it’s hard for families to let go of their car altogether if they know they like taking weekend trips from time to time. Still, it’s worth crunching the numbers and seeing how much you can save by renting a car every once in a while than keeping up with monthly car payments.

8. Public Transportation

Keep in mind that most highly urbanized areas also have pretty great public transportation systems. Whether you prefer the bus, the subway, or the monorail, you’re probably still spending less on weekly/monthly passes for these than you would on a car or for a Segway.

9. Walking

The final alternative to buying a Segway is the most simple and cost-effective of all: walking! There may not actually be as big of a need to invest in a form of transportation as you think.

This is especially true for people who tend to spend most of their time within the same city blocks surrounding their home and place of work. It also applies to parents of children who live very close to their friends. Having your child walk from place to place makes them more active and leaves more money in your pocket to invest in other things for your family.

The Long-Term Perspective on Segway Alternatives

As great as all these cheaper Segway alternatives are, it may actually be worth investing in something more expensive and buying a new car. You have to think about how sustainable each form of transportation is.

Public transportation isn’t always 100% reliable or timely. Carpooling is convenient, but there may be times when it doesn’t work out.

Having your own car, though, gives you reliable transportation for the long-term. It’s an investment you can figure out financially now and continue to enjoy the returns on for many years to come.

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