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Save Your Life (and Your Wallet): 5 Tips for Saving on Prescriptions

Do you take any prescription drugs? Do you know how much you spend over a year? Drug costs in the United States are some of the highest in the entire world.

People take medication for everything, from a common cold to chronic conditions like heart disease or diabetes.

Want to know how to save on drugs so you can stay healthy? Read below for five helpful tips.

1. Check for Generics

A generic version of a drug has the same active ingredients as a name-brand drug, but it’s less expensive. Always ask your doctor if a generic is available because the difference in price can be huge.

For example, Lipitor, a drug for cholesterol, costs nearly $400 for a month. The generic version is only $10 for a month.

If your doctor says there isn’t a generic option, ask if there is a similar drug that does have a cheap generic version. You could also research natural options like CBD oil.

2. Call Your Insurance Provider

If you try to look at what specific drugs your insurance covers, it can become confusing. Often it’s easier to simply call them and get a straight answer.

When you go to the pharmacy and find out that a drug is either expensive or not covered, stop for a moment. Get on the phone with your insurer and ask if there’s a cheaper alternative.

They may be able to point you in a helpful direction.

3. Get a Bigger Dose

Many pills can be cut using a pill splitter. Talk to your doctor and explain your financial situation. If you take a medication dose of 5mg, but the drug comes in a 10mg pill too, you may be able to double the life of one prescription refill.

This is one way to navigate a system that’s becoming more and more expensive.

The issues surrounding drug costs have recently been highlighted by the media. Check out this dying to survive infographic to see some of the major issues with drug importation.

4. Check Big-Box Stores to Save on Drugs

You may faithfully go to your local small town pharmacy, but to save money, you may want to look at other places. Pharmacies in big-box stores or even grocery stores can sometimes offer a bigger selection of generic drugs.

Many offer 30-day prescriptions for as low as $4. Check out their online lists. If one store doesn’t have your medication, keep looking.

Sometimes, different stores offer different drugs and different prices.

5. Apply for Assistance or Help

Finally, if you’re really struggling to cover your medications, see if you qualify for state or local government assistance. This could be Medicare, but there are also non-profit groups that help people with medical needs.

Keep Extra Dollars in Your Pocket

Taking medication for an illness or condition can be stressful. Wondering whether or not you can afford the drugs makes everything even more difficult. Hopefully, with these five tips, you feel confident in your ability to save on drugs.

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