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Thinking About Starting a Personal Mom Blog? 4 Tips for Guaranteed Success

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With over 4.4 million mommy blogs on the blogosphere, the mom blog industry has never been livelier!

This, though, packs both good and bad news for aspiring mommy bloggers. Good because such a high number means mommies around the country and beyond are running blogs, there is no reason you shouldn’t. Bad because 4.4 million blogs means fierce competition. Creating a standout personal blog with a loyal readership won’t be a joke.

But that’s why we are here. To make seemingly tall mountains easier to climb.

In this article, we’re giving you 5 tips that’ll guarantee your blog hits success. Keep reading!

1. What Kind of Mom Are You?

On the web, authenticity is a valuable currency. People want to read authentic stories, see authentic photos, view authentic videos…authentic everything.

As an aspiring mommy blogger, the kind of mom you’re will define your authenticity. You certainly don’t want to start a blog that looks and feels like a million other blogs, do you?

Are you a helicopter mom? Competitive mom? Wine mom? Exhausted mom? Perfectionist mom? If you haven’t figured your mommy style, it’s time to go on a journey of discovery.

After identifying who you’re as a mom, that’s your blogging niche!

2. Don’t DIY Your Blog

The DIY movement is on fire right now, and there is no doubt mommies around the world have played a big role in making DIY a thing.

However, it’s one thing to DIY a baby toys or fix a broken sink, and it’s quite another to DIY a blog. You see, if you get a baby toy wrong, you have endless chances to make it right. But if you start off your blog with a hideous theme and design, you will lose some readers for good, or it will take so much effort to pull them back with a fresh redesign.

Yes, it’s a personal blog, but don’t try to work the technical details if you have no web design and development expertise. Hire a pro to do the job. This will give you the best chance of launching your blog with a bang!

3. Your Bio Speaks Volumes About You

When a new reader lands on a mommy blog, one of the first they want to find out is more info about the author of the blog. Is she married or single? How many kids does she have? Is she a work at home mommy?

Readers want to connect with you. They want to know whether you share any similarities as moms.

Make it easy for them by crafting a detailed bio or about me page. Besides the obvious details, state what you enjoy doing. If you’re a lover of wine and books, say it! If you can’t stand veganism, shout it!

You don’t want people going to review sites like Side By Side Reviews to try and find out more about you and your blog.

4. Go Social

Is there anyone who isn’t on social media these days?

Social media and blogging go hand in hand. As your developer works on your personal blog, you should be creating profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and on any other social platform that appeals to your target audience.

Focus on growing a social following. Share posts regularly and engage with your followers.

Mommies Can Start Successful Personal Blogs

We’re not going to lie: Setting up a personal blog is easy. Grow it into a top blog in the mommy niche is the real task. A task that requires consistency, patience, resilience, creativity and continuous learning.

Thankfully, we’ve fleshed out the best tips you can use to give your blog the best chances of being successful.

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