8 Fashion Makeover Tips for Working Mothers

Fashion Makeover

In her article entitled “The Toughest Job Of All Is Being A Working Mum“, Sophia Walker dedicates her piece to all working moms. Even having been successful in a competitive and tough business environment prior to becoming a mom, everything changed once that baby arrived.

If you’re nodding your head having had a similar experience perhaps a fashion makeover is not top of your priorities.

Wait just one moment? Making time for yourself is important to your wellbeing. If fashion was important to you prior to having a baby, it can still be part of your life.

Being a working mother means you have to learn new ways of working, new ways of maintaining relationships and new ways of looking after yourself. If being fashionable is one of your interests here are 8 fashion makeover tips for working mothers.

What Is a Fashion Makeover?

A fashion makeover can be everything from a profound re-styling experience with a professional image consultant to a simple change that makes a big difference to your appearance or how you feel.

People at work make conscious and unconscious judgments about you based on your appearance in the same way as they do about your handshake. As a working mother, you balance the need to dress appropriately for work and at the same time deal with the real challenges you have on your time. You want to look good, be in touch with trends and do it with the minimum of stress.

This article will focus on simple and small changes that make a big difference. There are ideas for one-off clothing items and beauty treatments too. Try some and you might enjoy the difference it makes to your life.

1. Tailored Blazer

Working mothers do all kinds of work. If your work involves being in an office environment there is little to compete with sharp tailoring for creating that professional confident image.

A tailored blazer that really fits well can be worn more frequently than you would wear a dress. Coordinate with several pairs of work pants to ring the color changes. Machine-washable materials mean that you can survive both work and travel grime as well as baby finger marks and worse.

2. Knee-High Boots

Sensible never looked so good. Knee-high boots are a great flexible addition to your wardrobe and give an outfit a whole new look.

When the season is colder and you want a comfort as well as stylish, look for a block heel and injected insole. They’re more comfortable and practical than a standard high heeled boot. The equestrian style always looks good with jeans but also works with dresses.

3. Denim Jacket

If you don’t have a Denim Jacket in your wardrobe, get one. How can you not have this iconic item in your collection? A casual jacket like this can change your whole look and it’s a fashion makeover all on its own.

Try it with a delicate dress or pretty skirt. It can create a tougher look instantly. Easily cleaned, looks better the more you wear it and a guarantee against frumpiness.

4. Get a Good Haircut

Have a chat with your stylist about what looks good on you but doesn’t take lots of time to style. A style that falls between your chin and shoulders is not too long to manage but can also be put back into a practical ponytail.

It’s time for a change but if your usual stylist is not coming up with the goods perhaps its time to change them. You want your stylist to put some creativity into this so tell them you want to have some fun with it, be fashionable but also have something that doesn’t become a daily problem.

5. Effortless Eyebrows

When do you have time to work on having perfect eyebrows every day? Eyebrows make a huge difference to your face. They frame your eyes and give expression to your smile.

Eyebrow microblading like that done by Tin & Lash forms long-lasting beautifully shaped eyebrows. It’s a cosmetic technique using micro-needles to create hair-like marks on your eyebrow area. It fades over time and this varies with your skin but they suggest 1.5 to 2 years is to be expected.

6. Lip Makeover

Are you using the best lipstick for creating that perfect pout? You can follow a multi-step process for moisturizing, concealing, lip lining, applying, retracing and glossing. But who’s got time for that kind of makeup fashion makeover?

Find a brighter shade of shimmering gloss and apply it to your lips to lighten up your face easily and create a plumber looking pout. Even a tinted lip balm can be a great way to moisturizing your lips and give them color while saving time too.

7. Moisturize

Good skin is always in fashion. Eating healthily and getting plenty of sleep is the best formula for great looking skin but as a working mom perhaps that is easier said than done. While you are working on getting your diet and sleep right, do moisturize your skin.

The range of moisturizing products is just bewildering. Do they work better the more expensive they are? You might be surprised with the results you can get with simple ingredients you can find in your kitchen.

Olive oil, coconut oil, and almond oil can all have enriching benefits as body moisturizers. Try a little in a small area and test the result. If you must use store-bought lotions and moisturizers use them after a shower when your skin is most able to absorb them.

8. L.B.D.

You are working mother and everything seems to have changed. One thing hasn’t changed. A little black dress looks great on you and it’s always in fashion.

Look for something with a little something distinctive about it. You need a little black dress for the office party, for a girls night out or even for dinner for two after the kids have been put to bed.

Rejuvenate Your Sense of Style

These tips for a fashion makeover are not revolutionary. They are small changes you can make that can have a big effect. Approaching your wardrobe and makeup decisions with this in mind and you can enjoy expressing your identity while juggling the demands of work and home.

For more ideas about expressing your sense of style as a working mother click here.

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