5 Ways to Change Your Mindset for a Simpler Life

change your mindsetDid you know that you’re all-powerful? All-powerful in regards to your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that is.

Thoughts give rise to emotions, and emotions influence how you behave. So, you can claim power to improve your life by getting to the root: your thoughts.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways you can change your mindset for a simpler life.

1. Change Your Mindset By Realizing It’s Just a Thought

Our brains are funny things. They store every experience we’ve ever had. Good and bad. And we keep this view of the world until we decide it no longer serves us.

To change your mindset, you must first know what your mindset is.

Our beliefs about what we need to achieve joy in life were given to us by others. Did you receive the message that you needed “stuff,” money or a nice car to be fulfilled?

If so, you’re not alone. But you don’t have to keep that mindset if you don’t want to.

This is the first and most crucial step in the process to change your mindset: You must be willing to change your beliefs about what you think you need to be happy.

2. Identify What You Believe

Ask yourself, “what do I believe I have to own/have/do/be before I can be happy?”

A few examples would be:

Whatever your condition for being happy, identify it clearly.

3. Let it Go

After you’ve identified what you’re holding onto, make an intention to let it go. This may seem too easy, but it’s a solid commitment.

Every time that little voice in your head says, “but, you have to have…,” politely tell it you disagree. Remember, this belief was given to you. You did not choose it.

When we decide we must have [blank] to be happy, we actually have difficulty seeing the beauty and joy already in our lives now.

4. Choose What You’d Like to Replace It

When you let go the “have tos,” you open yourself up to enjoying what you have in this moment.

When you’ve cleared away the mental clutter, decide what you really need to be happy. Or you can go a step further, and choose that you don’t need anything.

You can choose to be happy because you’re an amazing, lovable person who loves life. Nothing more. Nothing less.

If you find it difficult to identify and replace your thoughts, you can try out the Avatar Course for support.

5. Embrace Simplicity as a Way of Life

Now that you’ve released the clutter, you can embrace simplicity in your life.

When you’re no longer telling yourself that you have to have something to be happy, you can just enjoy whatever you’re doing, whether that’s:

Remind yourself that you need nothing to be happy, and happiness will find you, wherever you may be.

Simple Not Easy

These tips may be simple, but they’re not always easy to stick to. That takes daily dedication and work.

But if you commit to changing your mindset even a little, you’ll begin to see wonderful changes in your life almost immediately.

These are our 5 tips for a simpler life. What would you add?

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