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5 Clever Storage Solutions to Give You More Space

storage solutionsMaybe you’re adding to your family or maybe your significant other finally decided to move in. Either way, you’ve got more stuff than you have space.

You’re now in what’s commonly known as “a pickle”. It’s a battle and your stuff is winning.

So what do you do? You need storage solutions and you need ideas as fast as you can get them. You need a hero to help you defeat this horde of possessions.

Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered. Read on for 5 tips to help you take back your home.

Storage Solutions vs. Your Stuff

1. Functional Furniture

Your bed, in a lot of ways, is a huge waste of space. All you do is sleep on it! Why?

You can buy a storage bed or you can build your own. This will give you tons of extra space to house books or folded clothes.

This will allow your shelves to house new items that aren’t used often and make a ton of additional space in your closet.

Speaking of the bedroom, ditch the huge space-hogging hamper and get something you can hang on the back of your bedroom door.

Storage chests and ottomans aren’t just for making your home look classy. They’re great storage solutions and they can hold plenty inside and the top can be used as another means of storage.

For all of you ladies out there with extensive shoe and jewelry collections, consider constructing a cork wall. This will make your pretties easy to find and have them on a nice looking, space friendly display.

You can hang pegs on the back of your bedroom or closet door to house your impressive shoe collection.

2. Think Outside of the Box

Ever heard of a bookshelf staircase?

They’re all the rage and can transform your large library into a tidy and tucked away piece of furniture you can also use as a topic of conversation for guests and friends.

3. For the Kitchen

Hanging fruit baskets are making a comeback! And they aren’t just for fruit anymore. You can place these all around the kitchen to hold anything from produce to spices to often used utensils and small pans.

If you can knock out a portion of a wall, build a recessed pantry with adjustable shelving and sliding doors.

4. Storage Units

Sometimes the easiest storage solutions are the best storage solutions.

Services like those provided by Hollywood Self Storage are a cost effective way to stow away what you’re not currently using.

Give yourself a six month to a year time limit, and if the junk is still in there collecting dust, get rid of it.

5. Go Higher

When in doubt, just add shelves. You can add shelving to closets as well as bathroom and kitchen areas to hold more items.

Think about how many large gaps are in your cupboards and underneath your sinks and in your closets? A bit of shelving will give you instant storage space.

Utilize your garage. You can buy heavy duty shelving and use large plastic bins to hold off season-clothes or out of style clothing. This is also a great way to keep things like power tools out of reach from small children.

Do you have any clever solutions you’ve personally used to save space? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

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