DIY Wool Dryer Balls!


DIY Wool Dryer Balls!

Want a laundry money saving tip? If so, you can make DIY Wool Dryer Balls! I started making these a month ago and have saved on the cost of dryer sheets! Plus, they do a better job of fluffing up my laundry. If you’d like to make these dryer balls as well, be sure to have the following supplies at home:

  • 1 large Skein 100% Natural Fisherman’s Wool Yarn
  • 1 pair Panty Hose
  • Optional: Crochet Hook
  • Optional: Essential Oils for Scent

PS: I was able to find most of these supplies for the wool dryer balls at my local Hobby store (minus the panty hose), so be sure to check there first.

For more directions on making these DIY Wool Dryer Balls, be sure to visit The Frugal Girls Webpage. Let us know if you enjoyed this do-it-yourself project in the comments below.

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