Easy DIY Pom Pom Garland

I think this is the CUTEST look! You can use this to decorate for any holiday, birthday, or bedroom.  This DIY pom pom garland is such a great look year round. I have found a easy tutorial to help you get started.






  • Wool or Yarn in various colors. We used pink, dark pink and white.
  • Wool to string your pom-poms onto – you might like to use twine or embroidery thread
  • Sharp scissors
  • Fork
  • Darning needle

First thing to do is to make your pompoms. I enlisted my daughters help and we both got busy and made a bunch of pom-poms. Unfortunately I ended up making all the pompoms on my own as my little helper would only make them if they were in her favourite color blue, she wouldn’t go anywhere near the pink.

Making pompoms is pretty easy as you can see from our little ‘how to make a pom-pom’ guide below.

Instructions to making a basic mini pom-pom:

  1. Basically, you take your yarn and wind it around the tines of your fork. About 50 to 90 times depending on the thickness of your wool.
  2. Cut a length of yarn about 10cm long.
  3. Tie the length of yarn tightly around the center. (I like to tie it once as tight as I can, but before I knot the length I slip the pompom off the fork and then pull the length tighter again. Then I complete the knot)
  4. Take your sharp scissors and cut through the loops.
  5. Now you need to tidy up your pompom with your scissors. You will take off quite a bit of wool so don’t worry too much if it feels like you’re trimming more than you should.
  6. Stop trimming when you have a nice round shaped ball.

Assemble your Pom-pom Garland

When you have made at least a dozen pom-poms, use a needle and thread to thread them onto a length of yarn spacing them evenly. For these sized pompoms I like to leave a gap of around 12cm between each one. Ensure that you leave approx 30cm of yarn at each end for hanging.

These garlands are really versatile and you can use them to brighten up any room. After the party you can reuse it to dress your window, mantle, walls. A Christmas themed garland would look fantastic on your Christmas tree.

thanks, Jellyfishprints!

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