My CVS Shopping Trip Today (4/18)

CVS Deals 4/18

I didn’t do outstanding and get everything for free or even close to free on my CVS shopping trip today. I didn’t have many ECB’s to use and I had my son with me who was sick today. It was his turn so we were picking up his prescription while I did a little shopping. I paid for my purchase out of pocket, but I wanted to have some ECB’s to roll over for the future sales. I am constantly rolling old ECB’s into new ones. If I really would have had the time, then I would have sat there with several purchases, but like I said my son wasn’t feeling too hot and it was kinda crowded.

*Quick Note: I promise to write a guide soon on coupons, shopping at CVS and Walgreen’s very soon! I will explain a couple of quick things.

  • ECB= ExtraCare Buck (you MUST have a CVS Extra Care Card to get them)
  • ExtraCare Buck are those special sales advertised like Buy xxx for $3 and receive a $2 ECB
  • You use them just like cash. They do have expiration dates.
  • Promise now you will ALWAYS scan that card under the scanner machine when at CVS. You never know what great coupon will print.
  • The other great thing about CVS is you can stack their store coupons with manufacturer coupons to get stuff for FREE or almost free!
  • You can do the exact same thing with Walgreens and Target.
  • Walgreens Register Rewards are just like ECB. They actually copied CVS. They used to have a rebate form you had to fill out and mail in monthly.

Now back to my trip for today. I spent $33 exactly today. Yes it was all out of pocket, but now I have $8 in ECB’s to use for the next trip. My store was out of the Free Natural Relief medicine. I am debating if I want to buy anything for the $10 ECB wyb $30 in Gillette, Venus, and Olay. I think I will as there is a printable rebate online for $15 back (not on Gillette but on Venus, Olay, and others).

I did buy $20 worth of Scott’s toilet paper and the coupons I had were for the natural rolls only and the soft. I did get my free laundry detergent. My cashier wouldn’t take my $1 off  Wisk since I was getting it FREE and she’s become a friend so I let it go. Technically she’s right, but she did make a funny comment  about how bloggers say CVS cashiers take the coupon but we aren’t supposed to. She knows I blog so I had to laugh at that one. 🙂

  • 3 rolls of Scott’s Soft toilet paper
  • 1 FREE Wisk Detergent for HE
  • 1 Cottonelle Roll Cover
  • 2 Right Guard deodorants
  • 2 Colgate Advanced Toothpaste

Now I have $8 worth of ExtraCare Bucks for the next purchase. I still need to buy the Natural Pain Reliever and some other sale items. At some point I was going to spend money out of pocket as I didn’t have any bucks. I could have rolled the $2 ones several times to still have $2. I did have $2 from my quarterly savings. I was happy to get a $9 bottle of detergent FREE and I always need toilet paper which was still a good sale price. Walmart is over $10 for a 12 pack. I still feel I saved a good bit of money today. My receipt says I saved a total of $29.67 with sales and coupons! I will get back to the days where I was paying less than $5 for all my items.

What did you buy this week at CVS?



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