Inexpensive Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and many people will buy a last minute gift and card. They will be spending more money than they planned since they won’t know what to get and feel pressured to buy something. There are many ways to give a great gift without spending lots of money plus it would be a gift the recipient really wants. It’s a win for everyone. Some of these ideas may require a little creativity, but most are easy to complete. These ideas are great for any gift giving occasion and not just Mother’s Day. It also adds a nice personal touch and a little thought than just buying something at the store. There are tons of great ideas, but these are just a few. I would love it if you want to add your own that isn’t listed.

*Make a gift basket. This can be anything that you know the person likes. I have made baskets by using a popcorn container and adding in a box or two of the big candy, microwave popcorn, either a small bottle or cans of their favorite soft drink, a free rental or a DVD movie. This is a huge hit with people that love to watch movies. I have also done Wedding gifts with a nice piece of Tupperware and putting in small kitchen items like measuring spoons and cups, nice dish towels and other items. I have also made up baskets using body lotion, razors, bubble bath, the poofy sponge things, shower gel, and such.

*Give a framed picture. This is a huge hit with grandparents and distant relatives. I do this for Christmas and sometimes Mother’s Day. I take a very nice picture of my son or if you have one done at the studio is fine. I then buy a nice 5×7 picture frame and insert the picture. Of course I buy frames when I see them on clearance and many times I can find new ones cheaply at the thrift store or at yard sales.

*Make a nice photo magnet. This is another idea of using pictures of your children or a nice family one. You can even have the kids help make one from foam that you can buy at most craft stores. Then glue a magnet on the back. My son has made these at school and I still have them. I love refrigerator magnets and it’s nice having a picture of him. You can also make photo mugs, calendars, keychains and so much more. You can make these at places like Vista Print and Snapfish. Many times they offer coupons to make the cost even less.

*Make a handprint plaque. You can either buy a kit or make your own. There are many great ideas on the internet. This is a great way to preserve your kids memories.

*Make a recipe binder or coupon binder. You can buy these cheaply during back to school sales and even at yard sales or thrift stores. I usually buy 1″ binders but any size is fine. Then get the sheets where you can add your favorite recipes. This is a really great idea for newlyweds or a way to preserve some family favorites. Make a coupon binder and adding some nice coupons to help someone that is getting started. You can take it a step further by covering the binder with some nice fabric. My mom made me a sewing binder and she then put in some great patterns from her favorite sewing magazines. The patterns were for beginners.

*Sew something for that special person. This will depend on your skill level and if you actually sew. I have made some really items like a wall organizer, pot holders, aprons, and even simple quilts. These were all easy for a novice like me, but I did get some pointers from my mom who is a professional. There are lots of very easy to do simple projects.

*Give a gift that you cooked or a recipe in a jar with all the ingredients inside. These can also vary by your cooking level. Many people love quick and easy recipes like soups, hot chocolate, cookies, and such. Some people make their own sauces, jams, salsa, candy, cookies, and such from scratch. A friend of mine gave me a few bottles of beer that they make at home. Each bottle was a different type so it was wonderful.

*Have a nice meal at home instead of going out to eat. Maybe have a picnic in the living room with candles and a nice bottle of wine along with your favorite items to eat. Many people really appreciate a nice cooked meal at home. The best part is you don’t have to fight the crowds.

*Give a plant. I love plants in my yard, and this would last much longer than flowers. It’s much cheaper and you will be in their thoughts each time they look at that plant. I also give plants when a loved one passes away rather than send flowers.

*Offer a service. This can be anything like babysitting, cutting grass, cleaning, washing a car, fixing something, or whatever skills you have. Many older people would also just love to get a nice visit from their family. I know many of us are very busy but just simple things like spending time with our families is a nice way to spend a holiday. I don’t mean in front of the tv either, but really connecting with them. My grandma loves telling me stories of her childhood. They have so much to share with us if we allow them.

*Give stamps and stationary. With the cost of stamps going up almost yearly, buy them a couple of books of Forever stamps. I know I would love this for myself.

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