Bird Feeders Make Great Gifts

I love having a bird feeder in my backyard. I have several large oak trees which the birds love to sit and socialize. I have a couple of ones that I made myself, and they were very simple designs. My feeder only has one perch so I have noticed that there have been some problems with the birds fighting to get to the food. The other problem I’m having is keeping the squirrels from eating all the food. Also, the feeders aren’t very attractive so I am looking to buy a squirrel-proof bird feeder. I like how it has a metal design to keep them out, but letting the birds to get to the food easily. The squirrels can’t damage this feeder, and it’s stainless steel which will weather the elements. is a great website that offers many great feeders that are very functional and attractive. This would make a great addition to any landscape while feeding the birds. The site offers a wide variety of many great feeders plus lots of really great tips about bird watching and much more. Spend $49.95 for FREE SHIPPING! All orders are shipped via UPS and a great return policy. Get a jump on your holiday shopping with a great bird feeder.

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