Be Smart About Diet Pills

Many diet pills will promise that they are the diet pills that work. Talking with your doctor first before using any diet pill is best. It could contain an ingredient that might interact with a prescription you are taking. It could also cause adverse side effects so be informed about the particular pill you are considering taking. Diet pills can help aide in weight loss, but it will be even more effective when coupled with good nutrition and exercise.

TMR Frugal Living Tip #58

Today’s thrifty living tip is use baking soda for a nice soak. It makes your skin so soft and it’s really great for tired feet. I have even used it as a facial scrub. I find it to be gentle on your skin, but still be careful not to rub too hard. Actually baking soda has many great uses, and I will discuss more tips in the near future. What do you use to soak your tired achy feet?

Going to Walt Disney World!!!

We have been putting off going to Walt Disney World for over 2 years. This is the year we finally go. I already booked the rooms with that great promotion they are running. You get 3 free nights when you pay for 4 nights at one of the resorts. We are going to stay at the French Quarter, and I can’t wait until May. I really need to start getting in shape since you do tons of walking. I have been walking a mile each day so far this month. Then next month I’m going up to 2 miles, and 3 in March, and so on. By May I am hoping to be walking 5 miles daily. This will also help me to lose that weight so no Leptovox for me. I also have been drinking more water each day. I feel so much better already with just the simple daily walk and increased water intake. I have lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks so I’m really proud of my progress.

Car Insurance

If you are going to drive a car, then you will need low cost auto insurance. I’m so glad they have cracked down on uninsured motorists here in Louisiana. They still do random insurance checks from time to time. Of course our rates are much higher in this state compared to other states. If you ever have the misfortune of being in a car accident, then you will be grateful you have it.

Crocs: Ugly but My Feet Don’t Care

I have seen quite a few articles criticizing that Crocs are ugly and so unfashionable. That is probably true, but I must say that my feet just don’t care about fashion. I used to think they were one of the most hideous things ever created. After I bought a pair, I have since stopped caring. I’m all about comfort these days and crocs provide me with lots of it. You really don’t have to wear them in public, but you should at least have a pair for around the house.

They do make several different styles but I really love my Cayman crocs in chocolate. I personally don’t care for the bright colored ones so I chose a nice neutral color like brown. Another great feature is I can just hose them off during the summer if they get dirty. I also find they dry pretty quickly when they do get wet. My son and husband have both gotten a pair and they also love wearing them. I mostly wear mine during the warmer months which is most of the year in South Louisiana.

The Maserati of Watches

Most people I know think that Rolex is one of the most expensive and best watches you can buy. I just came across a real luxury watch called Audemars Piguet. These are some really beautiful watches. I really liked the details and the leather band. If I was wealthy, then this is the kind of watch I would love to have.

Horse Riding

I have never rode horses before this weekend. Ok unless you count the time that I was 4 years old and rode a pony at a party. I never knew how much fun they were, and I can see why so many people love them. I always love watching the Olympics with the hurdles. I really love those nice english saddles that some riders use.