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Take a Load Off: How to Plan a Soothing & Therapeutic Spa Day

Are you tired?

Statistics show that 1 in 5 employees are at risk of burnout. 

In today’s world, pushing yourself to get more and more done in a day has become a part of normal life.

Maybe you’ve been working extra hours or carting your kids around to all their games and dance classes. It’s exhausting trying to keep everyone happy and your home life in order.

If you’re not setting aside time for yourself, you’re missing out on a well-deserved spa day experience.

Think about it.

If you’re not setting aside pamper days, then eventually you’re going to burn out — if you haven’t already. Studies show that burn out is on the rise, and this can lead to all kinds of health problems. 

And if you’re not performing at your best, how will you be able to help the ones you love?

So take the time you need to rest and reset with a special day just for you. Or invite someone special too!

Here’s a list of the best ways to plan your absolutely unforgettable therapeutic spa day for yourself.

Where Will Your Spa Day Take You?

If you’re not financially in a place where you can take a vacation or even schedule a visit to your local spa, then you can still create one in the comfort of your own home.

Set aside time where you can focus on self-care.

You can set aside time to be alone, or plan the spa day with someone you love. To make it special, you can purchase soft robes and towels, light candles for ambiance, and purchase special bath salts or a luxury bath bomb to add to your evening.

If you’re ready to truly unplug, then maybe it’s time for a weekend getaway to a hotel and spa.

Spa Day Ideas and Tips

Whether you’re planning a spa day in your town or a getaway on a vacation, take advantage of coupons or buy one, get one free deals. These are common offers in the spa world.

If you’re taking the time and money to get away, then why not make it special? You’ll probably want to plan multiple spa activities throughout your day to get the complete experience.

These spa day activities could include a mani/pedi, facial, massage, body treatment, or even reflexology for your feet. 

Some spas will offer other beauty services such as waxing or lash extensions. 

Keep in mind, the order counts! It’s best to schedule your massage or anything that is relaxing towards the end of your spa day. This is because you prefer to rest afterward.

It is also recommended to have a facial after a massage, because of the oils typically used during the massage. Usually, the spa’s employees can offer recommendations for the perfect schedule.

This page can help you start the process.

Avoid Work and Social Media

To really make this day worthwhile, try to leave your phone on silent during your schedule. You don’t want outside stresses to ruin all the great relaxation you’re gaining.

Also, try not to schedule anything stressful too close after your spa day. You’ll want to ease back into your regular life after allowing yourself to unwind.

Plus, don’t forget to keep the pampering going strong with a healthy, light breakfast and maybe some chocolate and wine waiting for you in the hotel room. Or bring a book to read that you’ve been dying to catch up on!

Don’t Forget to Schedule More Pamper Days

Make it a routine to schedule spa days as often as you can! Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily routine, that we forget we need days off too.

Not just from work, but from the hustle and bustle of life.

So take that spa day and make it special! You deserve it.

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Save Money on Your Smile: 5 Ways to Save Money on Dental Implants

Dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular choice for people with tooth loss, and with good reason!

They look great, are long-lasting and protect the bone and teeth that are already there. The only drawback is, they can be taxing on the wallet.

But you know, there are some ways around that. We’re here to help you get the smile you want, but make sure your bank statement doesn’t wipe it off your face.

Read on for 5 ways to save money on dental implants.

1. Check Your Insurance

OK, this may seem like an obvious one. But there are lots of insurers who will meet you part way on the cost of dental implants, and it’s well worth checking out your options.

Sometimes they will have a recommended dentist they prefer you to go to. They may even be willing to cover a larger amount of the cost if you go this way.

2. Work With Your Dentist

Dentists understand that needed dental work can be costly. Most are willing to discuss options that will help you get the dental implants you need and not go bankrupt in the process.

Ask them whether there are discount programs available. Are they willing to offer a payment plan?

Rest assured, you won’t be the first to ask! They may have a few options available that can help to make your surgery more affordable.

3. Shop Around

It’s always possible that your regular dentist is not the cheapest option for this procedure.

Armed with complete information about exactly what procedure you need, you’re in a position to visit or call other local dentists to see what they can do for you.

4. Check Out Dental Schools

If you’d like cheaper dental care and to contribute something to the next generation of dental professionals then using a dental school can be a great route to affordable dental implants.

The best thing is that they always have a professional dentist on hand. Although the students perform the procedures they are fully supervised and well trained.

5. Consider Dental Tourism

This might seem like an extreme option, but there are many countries overseas that offer high-quality dental work at much lower prices than back home.

As with all things, do your research. If you’re making it part of a vacation, then you may be able to combine it with your vacation budget. If not, make sure the cost of travel and hotels doesn’t outweigh the benefits.

Also, undertake thorough research into the dental clinic you’re thinking of using. Make personal contact with former patients from your country who had similar procedures if possible.

The Takeaway: How to Save Money on Dental Implants

Dental implants can make a huge difference in your quality of life. Don’t miss out because of fear of the cost!

Just follow our 5 simple tips and you’ll be able to find an option that’s right for you – whether it means a couple of weeks in Mexico or a trip down the road to a dental school!

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Big Time on a Budget: Your Complete Guide to Affordable Luxury Watches

New Chanel watches can go for as much as $15,000.

A nice Rolex watch will set you back around $10,000.

So how do you get big name luxury items for a price you can afford? After all, not everyone is able to purchase a new watch for the price of a car.

If you’re interested in affordable luxury watches, read on. We’ve got some amazing tips and tricks to help you score the best deals when it comes to high fashion for less.

Stop at a Pawn Shop

Some people may not know what pawn shops are. Others may be well versed in them. But either way, they’re a great place to go to catch a deal.

Luxury watches, jewelry, and designer items are something people often put in hock, another term for giving it up to pawn.

So what exactly are pawn shops? Well, they’re a way for individuals to get loans quickly and easily. Or, they can just get rid of things they no longer need.

For example, if someone needs a loan of $2,000, they can put up their luxury watch as collateral. This means that if they can’t pay back the loan in a certain amount of time, the pawn shop will become the owner of the watch.

Or, if people just need the money and don’t want to take it as a loan, they can sell the item to the pawn shop.

If the person hasn’t been able to buy their item out of hock, then it’s up for grabs for the general public, and the pawn shop will put it on sale.

Your local pawn shop is a great place to go to find discounts on electronics, designer goods and even luxury watches. Because the person who sold it sold it quickly and in a bit of rush, it’s most likely marked down from how much you’d get it at the mall or another retailer.

Avoid Going to a Chain Store: Except Under a Few Conditions

If you want to buy a Chanel watch, Chanel is probably the last place you should go, unless you can afford it full price. Some luxury stores never put their items on sale. They also never participate in loyalty programs or allow you to earn points from a credit card or other program. This kind of mentality keeps the brand exclusive.

However, if a store selling a designer item you are eyeing does have a sale, it’s more than worth it to look. You should also look at your credit cards to see if they have any kind of programs that allow you to collect points towards certain purchases.

You can also use loyalty cards to sometimes buy items at specific stores. Not every store does sell designer watches, but sometimes you can find them at brick and mortar stores that do loyalty programs.

Buy New Items Online

The Internet is a wondrous place, and even more so because you can buy new luxury items online. Websites like Yoox and Bluefly offer customers the chance to get their hands on out of seasons (or sometimes in season!) designer items. The items are often at a significant discount to what you’d pay in a retail store, and sometimes you can even get them for a major discount while they’re still hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in other stores.

Websites like also offer you discounts on new items, but this time, it’s specifically for watches.

You don’t need to go second-hand in order to get a significant discount on a luxury watch. And sometimes, it can even be in your budget. Treat yourself!

Buy Used

If you’ve ever watched Jim Bob Duggar on 19 Kids and Counting and the subsequent shows, you’ll know he’s stated that his family’s motto is, “Buy used and save the difference.”

In some cases, you may not have been able to afford the price of the new item in the first place, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still get a great deal by buying used.

You can buy authentic used items sometimes at stores themselves. They may have a program that allows past customers to recycle their watches for a discount on an upgrade. And thus, they may sell refurbished luxury watches.

You can also always go to a consignment store where you’ll likely find some luxury watches on sale. A consignment store, for those not in the know, is one that accepts used high-end luxury items and sells them on. When someone buys the item, the store then gives a percentage of the sale to the individual who gave them the item.

With a consignment shop, especially one that specializes in luxury items, you’ll almost always know that the item is authentic. This is because often, the people who own these stores are well-versed in a brand or design.

Buying second-hand online can come with risks, including the risk that you do buy something that isn’t authentic, despite the seller’s claim.

Buying Affordable Luxury Watches

Affordable luxury watches aren’t as out of reach as you might think. In fact, they’re actually pretty obtainable, if you know exactly where to look. Set your expectations to be realistic. But also, be aware that if you’re looking for a specific luxury watch and only want that one, it can take you quite a while to score it.

With a bit of patience, you’ll have your perfect watch on your wrist for a price that won’t clean you out.

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Designer Brands for Less: Tips to Get Luxury Clothes at Bargain Bin Prices

It only takes one peek at the latest episodes of “The Bachelor” or the “Real Housewives” of Anywhere America to say, “I want that.” The “that” in question is always something gorgeous and luxurious, like a sparkly pair of shoes shown in the Tell-Alls, or a smashing handbag slung carelessly on the arms of the well-to-do. But we can’t always get what we want upon the discovery that the bag in question costs the price of a small used vehicle.

That doesn’t have to be the case for the proactive fashionista. Discover how to get designer brands for less with these easy tips on getting luxury clothes at bargain bin prices.

Seek Alternatives and Bridge Lines

When it comes to shopping with a “Real Housewives” taste on a “Two Broke Girls” kind of budget, bridge lines are a fashionista’s best friend. A bridge line is a line of clothing that appears outside of the fancy Neiman Marcus’s pristine walls, and inside the more bargain friendly stores.

You’ve probably seen some already, such as the Marc Jacobs line at Target on occasion. Stores like Filene’s Basement also offer bridge lines and could be the perfect destination for your next pair of Ralph Lauren wedges for under $40.

You might also find bridge lines or designer brands for less on lower cost websites such as Zulily or Haute Look.

Another bridge on bridge lines can be found at your local consignment boutique. Scour them all within a 100-mile radius.

Many consignment boutiques have the cast-offs from the doctor’s wives and pilots of the community. Those spangly thousand dollar shoes or “worn once wedding treats” you might find for $20 or less at consignment boutiques.

You also want to stay on top of the 5 cool fashion trends that don’t break the wallet.

Shop Designer Brands for Less Off Season

We all run to the stores after Christmas to purchase next year’s Christmas lights and wrapping paper for pennies. Fashion works the same, and fashion always works one season ahead.

You’re probably already seeing Spring collections in the stores while you’re still wondering where to get your Winter coat, for less.

Shopping in the off-season is your go-to tip when it comes to getting something designer name for less. This works for both men and women.

Check out samples at the Jared Lang Collection for example after February 2019 and you’ll be saving money in between the seasons.

When you are shopping in the offseason, you don’t want to always be thinking about what you are wearing tomorrow. In the middle of the Summer, you could purchase next year’s Winter coat at lower than bargain prices if you do it right.

You always want to choose classic pieces that will stand the test of time. As unique and artistic as fashion can be, if you are spending a lot on a Winter coat, you want that hundred or so dollars to stretch a few years.

That’s how you become a bargain fashionista and look like a million dollars year after year.

Be a Proactive Fashionista

In today’s day and age, fashionistas are male or female, and we are all looking for a little saving. If you want designer brands for less, you need to be proactive, and creative.

Become besties with your local consignment shop’s owner, stay on top of the seasonal sales, and don’t be afraid to shop in the off-season. Use those proactive actions and these 8 easy tips to be fashionable on a budget, and you’ll shop designer brands for less all year long.

Staying Beautiful When Broke 101: How to Save Money on Hair Care Products

Who among us doesn’t watch shampoo commercials with envy for the models’ lustrous locks? The problem is that having gorgeous hair is those models’ job. They and their employers invest thousands in treatments, trims, products, and styling to get that look.

We can’t promise you’ll be waving your shiny hair around in a meadow, but there’s still hope. There are plenty of ways to get gorgeous hair without blowing your life’s savings on hair care products.

For beautiful hair you can afford, try these tips for great savings.

Tips to Save on Hair Care Products

Most of us can’t afford the highest of high-end hair care like Cuvée Beauty, but it turns out it’s not necessary. Here’s how to save on your favorite hair care products.

1. Cut Back Your Shower Routine

It might sound obvious but one of the best ways to pay less for a hair product is to use less of it. We’re not suggesting that you abandon shampoo and conditioner. However, you should use shampoo as little as possible.

Instead of shampooing every day on autopilot, wait to shampoo until your hair is oily. You’ll probably find yourself shampooing two or three times per week instead of seven.

In fact, shampooing your hair too much will strip the natural oils and dry out your hair. You’ll end up spending even more money buying hydrating products you shouldn’t need in the first place.

2. Experiment With Dosages

Another effective way to cut down on your hair products is to use them in smaller amounts. Most of us squeeze a certain amount of shampoo or conditioner into our hands without thinking about it.

Instead, start paying attention to how much you use. Use less and less each day until you find the point when your results suffer. Use a touch more product than that an voila, you’ve stopped wasting hair product.

3. Coupon, Coupon, and Coupon More

Hair products are a couponer’s heaven. They’re some of the easiest items to find coupons for, and you can score huge savings if you plan well.

On top of your local paper, there are often printable coupons for hair products. With their long shelf lives, it’s easy to stock up on them too. 

4. Go the DIY Route

Making your own laundry detergent and household cleaner has become a popular way to save cash. Did you know you can do the same with your hair products?

There are countless recipes online that let you make your own shampoo. It’s also easy to find recipes for conditioner, hair masks, and other hair products too. If you’re planning to try them, now’s the time to start saving your spent bottles and containers.

We have a word of warning, though. Not all DIY recipes are cheaper than store bought alternatives. Do a careful cost analysis before you spend $20 on ingredients to make a $2 bottle of conditioner.

5. Get Every Last Drop

If you added up how much money you’ve thrown away at the bottom of product bottles, you’d be kicking yourself. Over time, the leftover product you toss out adds up.

Instead, try some simple tactics to get every last drop out of your product bottles. One option is to use the old “add water and shake” trick. A few drops of water can pull make the product accessible without diluting it too much.

It’s even more effective, though, to use a tiny spatula. There are spatulas with the specific purpose of clearing out makeup and hair product bottles.

6. Sample It Up

The best way to save on something is to get it for free. You might be surprised how easy it is to score free hair products if you know where to look.

Free samples are common marketing techniques for hair product manufacturers. In many cases, brands have forms on their website you can fill out to give free samples.

There are also third-party websites with the sole purpose of finding free samples for you. Keep in mind that some of these sites end up sending you a lot of spam, though, so be prepared to delete some emails.

7. Keep Your Styles Simple

We’d all love to hop out of bed with a flowing mane, but that’s not reality. For most of us, styling our hair is the most time-consuming part of our daily routine. Beyond time, though, many styles require a lot of expensive products too.

If your mornings are full of sprays, gels, pins, shine enhancers and more, maybe it’s time for a change. Cruise the web for more natural styles you can try that don’t require so many products.

Keep an eye out for styles that keep heat to a minimum too. Heat tools can damage your hair so you’ll need pricey products or treatments to keep frizz at bay. That’s a recipe for taking more money out of your pocket.

8. Get Organized

Most of our money-saving tips have focused on how to use fewer products and save on them when you buy them. There’s another common reason we waste money though: buying duplicate products because you’ve lost yours.

While this doesn’t happen as much with shampoo and conditioner, it’s the scourge of bobby pins and ponytail holders. You buy a 100-pack and seem to run out after only throwing out a dozen of them. The rest are lost somewhere under furniture or in purses.

Instead, find a way to organize your hair supplies in one reliable place. You’d be surprised how long your hair products will last when you use them until they wear out.

Gorgeous Hair for Less Green

There’s a reason wealthy people always seem to have better hair. The easiest way to make your hair look its best is to dump money into high-end products and stylists.

That isn’t the only way, though. The tips above can help you have all the hair care products you need without blowing your budget.

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Beach Body on a Budget: What is the Cheapest Weight Loss Surgery?

228,000 people had weight loss surgery in 2018 in the United States. That number has climbed by 12,000 in just one year.

Due to the cost of an anesthesiologist, hospital stays and blood work, weight loss surgery isn’t always cheap.

Read on to find out more about the cheapest weight loss surgery options out there.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery 

Gastric sleeve surgery is the least expensive weight loss surgery on the market.

It is also one of the newest weight loss options in the US. A weight loss surgeon will remove the majority of a person’s stomach (up to 85%). This will reduce the individual’s appetite and how much food a person can fit in their stomach.

Prices start at around $10,000. Paying for elective surgeries can be difficult. Yet there benefits to your health are worth it! 

Lap Band Surgery

Lap band surgery is the common term for a laparoscopic adjustable gastric band surgery. 

During this procedure, the surgeon places an inflatable silicone device around the top portion of the stomach. The band works to limit how much food a person can eat at one time. It also makes the individuals feel full and satisfied with less food. 

The cost of this weight loss surgery is only slightly more than the gastric sleeve surgery. Typically, costs start at around $10,995.

One of the main perks of this surgery is that you can have the band removed down the line if you choose. Also, your doctor can tighten or loosen the band to adjust how much food you can eat at one sitting. 

This is a great option for those who want to keep some control over how much food they will be able to take in. 

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is the short name for the Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass (RYGB for short).

This surgery has been the go-to surgery for weight loss for many years. It is a trusted procedure that has proven to improve the lives and health of hundreds of patients. Make sure to choose the best weight loss surgeon who has the experience and credentials to perform your surgery. 

A surgeon will use a camera to be able to sew together a small stomach pouch out of the existing stomach.

The surgeon will then connect the small intestine to this smaller pouch. People who have this surgery feel full and satisfied with less food and are able to lose a lot of weight. The entire process takes about an hour. 

For this surgery, patients can expect to spend a night or two in the hospital for recovery and observation. That adds to the price of this procedure.

Generally, you can expect to pay around $15,500 for this semi-affordable weight loss surgery. 

Bottom Line on Cheapest Weight Loss Surgery

Thanks for reading about the cheapest weight loss surgery options available to you.

Always talk to your doctor about the pros and cons of any type of weight loss surgery. You may or may not be a candidate for every type of surgery out there.

Most weight loss surgery practices provide self-pay payment plans so that you can get the help you need sooner.

Remember, your health is important. If you and your doctor feel that weight loss surgery is your best option, you should do whatever is necessary to get the surgery.

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5 Essential Makeup Brushes for Building Your Kit

Whether you’re a total makeup junkie or if you’re just now getting into the beauty world for the first time, to truly beat your face, you need the right tools.

Of course, that means reading reviews, watching makeup tutorials, and even asking local makeup artists their preferences when it comes to brands, shades, and lip kits. But the most important makeup tools of all aren’t the actual products you use.

Instead, it’s the makeup brushes you use to apply them.

Making an investment in the right essential makeup brushes can seriously upgrade your application skills, and help you to avoid a patchy or caked-on look.

In other words? They’re a smart investment, especially because they often allow you to use less product.

Keep on reading our makeup brushes guide to learn which brushes you absolutely need to buy.

Choosing High-Quality Basic Makeup Brushes

Before we get into the essential makeup brushes that beauty enthusiasts of every level have to own?

Let’s first discuss how to find quality brushes. We know that you’re always looking for a great deal, but making a larger investment in your makeup brushes upfront will save you in the long run.

Plus, it will prevent you from running back to your fave makeup store every month, and buying even more makeup just because you’re there.

While these brushes might be great for commercial use, that’s not the kind of texture you want on your face! To ensure the brush is soft enough, gently rub it against your inner arm before you buy. Check out the texture, and see if it feels soft as opposed to scratchy.

Finally, make sure the brush didn’t leave any fibers behind. Those tiny black and brown hairs are a pain to pull off your face, and you’ll risk ruining your makeup.

The Essential Makeup Brushes

Now that you know how to pick the best types of makeup brushes, let’s get into the essentials.

No kit is complete without these fluffy additions. Brushes are a much better alternative to applying with your hands, because you don’t want to risk transferring the millions of bacteria on your hands to your face.

Just make sure that you wash your brushes, at minimum, once a week. This will keep them germ-free, and can even extend their lifespan.

1. A Foundation Brush

This small, flat brush for liquid foundation looks almost like a paintbrush — and for good reason.

It will help you to get an even coat of your foundation, and allows you to create buildable coverage for areas that might need more makeup than others.

To use it, put a small amount of your liquid foundation on the back of your hand, and use the same grip that you would for a pencil. Pick up a small amount of foundation, and start applying foundation all the way up to your hairline.

We know that you’re likely curious about the Beautyblender, a spongey foundation tool that’s certainly a cult item in the makeup world. And while your foundation tool is matter of personal preference, the truth is that a traditional brush doesn’t require you to use as much makeup as a sponge.

2. A Powder Brush

You’ve worked hard to apply your foundation, your concealer, and even your bronzer and highlighter.

Now, it’s time to lock it all into place for the day using a powder brush. Apply tinted or translucent powder by sweeping the brush over the product in a circular motion.

Tap off the excess, and apply in large, circular motions across your face and neck.

3. A Blush Brush

Blush helps you to look more awake, and gives your face dimension and definition.

However, you don’t want it to look like a giant streak across your face. A blush brush helps you to get the perfect application every time.

Also, if you’re a fan of highlighter, you can use your blush brush to add a little golden shimmer to your upper cheekbones and the area above your lip.

It will give your skin a serious glow!

4. An Eyeshadow Blending Brush

This brush is a must-have if you want to prevent your eyeshadow from looking streaky and choppy.

The goal with proper eyeshadow application is to have one shade seamlessly transition into another. After you finish applying the colors of your choice (pro tip: medium on the lid, dark in the crease, and light on the browbone) grab your blending brush.

Using windshield wiper motions, slowly blend the shades into each other.

5. An Eyebrow Comb

It’s no secret that eyebrows are all the rage in the beauty world. So, it goes without saying that you have to add an eyebrow comb to your basic makeup brushes.

Brush your brows upward, using a little clear brow gel for especially unruly brows. This will help you to make your arches more pronounced, and will make it much easier to apply color.

Add These Different Makeup Brushes to Your Kit

We hope you’ve enjoyed — and learned from — our list of the top five most essential makeup brushes.

Remember to do your research online before making an investment, and whenever possible, buy them in person.

There are all kinds of super-cute and themed makeup brush kits out there, as well.

In addition to helping you to feel a little more festive every time you put your face on, investing in a brush kit will also help you to save money.

Looking for more ways to save on the products you use every day? Ready to score some serious deals on your favorite makeup? Want to learn how to get glowing skin?

Keep checking back with us to get access to the latest deals on a wide variety of brands and products.