When to Do Your Mulch Installation This Year

Mulch Installation

Did you know that you can grow an edible garden in just 5 minutes a day? Whether it’s fruits, veggies, or herbs you can’t get enough of, or if pretty flowers are your jam, mulch installation is a must. Mulch will help your garden grow and keep weeds at bay, to bring you joyful results every time.

So, what is mulch, how do you install mulch, and when’s the best time to mulch? Keep reading for our top tips, so you’ll know when to do your mulch installation this year.

What Is Mulch?

Put simply, mulch is an extra layer of material that can be spread on top of your soil. This extra layer acts as protection for your soil, reducing weeds and preventing moisture loss.

When you install mulch, you’ll be boosting the moisture level of your soil, giving your plants the essential water, they need to survive. Plus, a uniform layer of mulch can act as a layer of cover-up concealer make-up, giving your soil a uniform, even color, and texture.

Mulch can be made of a variety of organic or synthetic materials, from newspaper and raked-up leaves to rubber. Some of the best mulch is made from wood bark. And if you want the job done right, choose a company like Myelitelawncare.com which won’t just provide your mulch, but will install it for you too.

When to Install Mulch

One benefit of mulch is that it helps insulate and warm your soil. Install mulch too early and your soil will stay colder for longer, making it harder for plants to grow.

On the flip side, mulch also protects your plants and their roots from high heat. So, applying mulch in late summer will mean you lose out on the heat protection benefits.

That said, when you’re wondering when to install mulch, the truth is your soil benefits all year round. A layer of mulch over the winter months stops your soil from getting too cold, so it will warm up faster in the spring.

While your ground gets year-round benefits from mulch, if it’s a question of when to mulch the garden, then spring is the answer. Applying mulch when your ground has thawed out from the winter will help the soil retain moisture that will be lost in the warm summer months. Springtime also comes with fewer weeds, so a layer of mulch will stop them from bedding into your soil.

Still, no matter when you read this article, if you don’t have a layer of it on your soil, then now could be the best time to mulch.

When to Do Your Mulch Installation This Year

Mulch comes in many colors, materials, and sizes, but one of our top mulch installation tips is to lay it at the right time of year. The spring months, from March through May, are the best time to mulch.

In the spring your soil benefits from fewer weeks and warmer temperatures. Your plants will gain more moisture, and be protected from the intense summer heat. So, whatever you’re planting this year, make your garden grow by knowing when to install mulch!

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