7 Tips for Choosing a Scent Diffuser

Choosing a Scent Diffuser

Humanity’s oldest sense is the sense of smell

Scents play a major role in our moods, whether we realize it or not. For example, lavender calms us down when we’re stressed, and a citrus scent will wake up a sleepy mind in the mornings. 

If you’d like to start using different scents in your home or office, we suggest purchasing a scent diffuser. It’s important to select the best one!

Below is a guide on choosing the best scent diffuser for your space. Make sure to keep reading for 7 useful tips to take along with you on your shopping journey. 

1. Think About Scent Strength

Do you want your space to be taken over by the scent of your essential oils? Or do you want a slight scent in the air?

Think about scent strength when selecting an oil diffuser. This is especially important if your family members or coworkers are sensitive to smells. 

If you want something with maximum strength, check out nebulizing diffusers. Explore your options on aromatechscent.com.

2. Consider Size

There are many different sizes of diffusers available. Think about where you’d like to place your oil diffuser before purchasing it. 

Grab a smaller-sized diffuser if you’d like to place it on your work desk. This way, it won’t disrupt your workflow on a busy day.

Do you have more room on a living room shelf? Try out a bigger option!

3. Look at Lighting Options

When exploring the different types of scent diffusers, you’ll notice many of them feature lighting options. This could be good or bad depending on your needs. 

If you enjoy soft ambient lighting, consider buying a diffuser with programmed light settings. If light would be too distracting, select one without a light.

4. Research Types of Diffusers

Believe it or not, there are TONS of different types of diffusers. It’s best to do your research before dropping any money.

Common types of scent diffusers include heat, nebulizing, candle, and water diffusers. They also use unique mechanisms to deliver scent and some of these mechanisms may be more appealing to you than others.

5. Consider Other Members of Your Space

If you’re placing your diffuser in a shared space, think about the other people that come through the space. 

For example, if you have children, it’s best to avoid too many candle or heat diffusers. These types of heat diffusers are major fire hazards, especially around clumsy children. 

6. Peek at Your Budget

You can buy a nebulizing diffuser for a few hundred dollars, or you can grab a water diffuser for less than $20. Take a look at your budget before deciding on what to purchase. 

If this is your first diffuser, purchase something of good quality at a lower price for a personal trial run. If you like it, invest in something more expensive. 

7. Think About Room Size

Obviously, if you’re trying to fill a large room with scent, you’ll need a more powerful scent diffuser. You can stick to something simple if you’re only trying to freshen up a small office area. 

Are you not sure how different diffusers would hold up in different spaces? Check out online reviews for reactions from other customers. 

The Power of Smell: Selecting a Scent Diffuser

Is it time to freshen up your home or office? Investing in a scent diffuser may be your best option! 

When selecting a scent diffuser, make sure to use the above guide. It’ll help you make the wisest decision with your investment. 

Speaking of spending wisely, check out the rest of the site for more tips on saving money! We even have articles that teach you how to make money. 

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