Senior Community for Family Member

When to Consider a Senior Community for Family Member

Did you know that there are close to one million people living in senior living communities in the United States of America? It is always a sad day when a loved one moves into a senior living community but in many cases assisted living is what is best for their long-term health. They’ll get all of the care that they need at community living facilities.

There are certain signs that you need to keep your eyes out for when it comes to your senior loved one that might give you clues that it is time to start looking for an assisted living community. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to learn about these signs so you can get your loved ones the help that they need.

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Chronic Health Problems

One of the major signs that it is time to consider finding senior living communities for your elderly loved one is when they’re experiencing chronic health problems. These health problems will only get worse as time goes on and it is important that your loved one has the care that they need close by.

If your loved one continues living on their own with these chronic health problems then it will lead to a failing immune system and longer periods of illness. Finding a senior living community will ensure that they have the care and medical attention they need 24 hours per day.

Recent Falls

Falling is one of the worst things that can happen for elderly people, especially if they suffer from weak bones. These falls can result in serious injuries like broken hips, collar bones, and other serious injuries. Even worse, if your loved one lives alone then they could go hours or even days without the medical attention that they need for their injuries.

If you’re worried about your loved one falling and not having the assistance that they need nearby then it is time to start looking for a place with assisted living. Make sure that you look at to learn about the top amenities that you should look for when choosing assisted living facilities for your loved one.

Forgetting to Take Their Medicine

If you find that your elderly loved one is forgetting to take their medicine on a regular basis then it is time to start looking for the right assisted living community for them to move to. It is normal to forget to take their medicine every once in a while but if it starts happening on a consistent basis then this creates a dangerous situation for their health. 

The regimen of taking their medicine is vital for maintaining their health. If they start forgetting to take their medicine then their health will decline at a rapid and dangerous rate. You can try getting them a system that will remind them to take their meds but if that doesn’t work then it is time to find assisted living.

Can’t Handle Daily Activities

Another clear sign that it is time to start looking at senior living communities is when your loved one is no longer able to handle daily activities on their own. Things like getting groceries or going to the doctor are no longer possible without the help of relatives or friends. This is a sign that an assisted living community is a good fit for your loved one.

This is especially true if your loved one lives in a home that requires maintenance and lawn care. Those are big tasks for even the healthiest adult, let alone an elderly adult with different ailments that they’re battling. These things also carry with them an increased likelihood of injury.

If you find that your elderly loved one is struggling with completing everyday tasks and activities then it is time to find an assisted living center.

Poor Eating Habits

Poor eating habits are another clear sign that your loved one should consider moving into an assisted living center. This often comes as a result of an inability to cook their own food and it leads to eating unhealthy junk food that requires little to no preparation. Good nutrition is vital for your loved one’s immune system and body as a whole.

Moving them to senior living communities will help because they won’t need to buy groceries and prepare their own meals. They’ll be served meals that are nutritious multiple times each day. This will help them live a long and healthy life while looking after their specific needs.

Bad Hygiene

Bad hygiene is also a sign that it might be time to make the move to a senior living community. Bad hygiene is often related to an inability to handle the daily tasks that are expected of an adult. It is also a possible sign of dementia as the person’s hygiene is often one of the first things that they lose.

This results in bathing less often and not doing an adequate job of cleaning themselves when they do remember to bathe. If your loved one can no longer care for their basic needs then it is a clear sign that it is time for them to move to community assisted living.

Wandering Off

Possibly the most dangerous of all signs that your loved one needs a senior living community is if they have a tendency to wander off. This is a very real fear if your loved one lives on their own and has deteriorating mental conditions. If this is your loved one then you owe it to them to find the best senior living communities for their needs and wellbeing.

Start Looking at Senior Living Communities for Your Loved One Today

Senior living communities provide a ton of value for elderly people. They help those facing deteriorating health conditions that prevent them from living an active and independent lifestyle. It is important for their health that you keep an eye out for signs like wandering off and forgetting to take their medicine. You should also consider an assisted living community if you’re worried about them falling.

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