6 Simple Pest Control Tips for Homeowners

Pest Control Tips for Homeowners

With home prices now averaging around $287,000, that’s an asset that you want to keep in pristine shape. A big part of that is keeping a pest free home. After all, insects and rodents can damage everything from insulations to wiring to the very support structure of your home.

Yet, many homeowners struggle every year to avoid or clear out common household pests. If you’re one of these homeowners, it can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle.

Minimizing or getting rid of pests is possible. Keep reading and we’ll give you six solid pest control tips to help you win the battle.

1. Mind the Cracks and Gaps

Like it or not, your home settles as it gets older. The can cause cracks and gaps around windows, doors, your foundation, and even between your walls and roof. These are entry points for pests of all kinds. Invest in some silicone caulk and expanding foam to seal those up.

2. A Clean Kitchen

Kitchens become a major source of attraction for pests of all stripes. If you leave dirty dishes in the sink or leave out food on counters, it becomes a food source for pests. Even crumbs can attract insects and rodents.

Stay on top of your dishes. Wipe down your counters and stove regularly.

3. Trash Disposal

When disposing of your trash, especially in an outdoor bin, you must keep the top firmly closed. Otherwise, it acts as an invitation for insects, rodents, and larger animals like raccoons. The firmly closed trash can is a key residential pest control method.

4. Repair Screens

The screens over your windows do an excellent job of keeping insects out, as long as they remain in good repair. If they have even a small hole, bugs will find that hole. Fix any damaged screens as soon as you find the problem.

5. Declutter

Clutter accumulates in every home, but it also provides lots of convenient hiding spots for pests to live and reproduce. Decluttering your home from time to time deprives pests of that convenient cover. Plus, it also makes cleaning easier for you.

6. Pest Control Services

If you’ve already tried everything you can think of without success, it’s time for some assistance from professional pest control services. They can target specific pests and provide preventative measures to keep the pests away. You can head over here to check out some more info about pest control services.

Pest Control Tips and You

As you may have noticed, most of these pest control tips are activities you can carry out. At the same time, adults lead busy lives. You can’t fix every problem in an afternoon.

Focus your efforts where you see the most problems. If you routinely leave food out, make putting food away a priority. If there are a lot of cracks and gaps around your home, take a couple of weekends to seal them. Work your way through the tips over time.

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