4 Things to Do With Older Books You No Longer Read

Things to Do With Older Books

If you Google the all-time number of books that have been published, Google will tell you it’s 129,864,880 titles. We don’t know exactly how they tallied this number, just like you have no idea how so many older books have piled up in your living room.

Is it time to get rid of your books? Are you wondering where to donate books? Have you asked yourself, “Can I make money with old books?”

Here are four ways to breathe new life into your older books!

1. Donate Old Books

The thought of donating books has probably crossed your mind, but you might not know where to start. Here are some ideas for where to donate books in your area:

  • Local public library
  • Public and private schools 
  • Community book drives or fundraisers
  • Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other thrift stores
  • Non-profit literacy programs
  • Prison libraries
  • Museums or cultural centers

If you’re not sure if a particular location accepts older books, call and ask! You’ll accomplish your goal of decluttering your home while passing on the gift of reading to others in your community.

2. Sell Your Old Books

You can definitely make money with old books, especially if you have any rare titles or editions in your collection. Older books tend to sell well on eBay, and you’d be amazed by what types of books sell on Amazon too. If you’re not sure what your books are worth, do some research to see what similar copies are selling for.

Another idea? Check your phone’s app store for apps that connect you to others who want to buy, sell, or trade used books.

3. Armed Forces Charity Groups

Would you like to support military members (and their families) who are deployed overseas? 

Give the gift of reading by supporting one of two organizations: Operation Paperback and Books for Soldiers. Your books will end up in military hospitals, rehab facilities, and personal collections.

4. Make a Vintage Bookmark

Here’s a fun idea: Why not save the spine of those old hardcover books and transform it into something magical? This is a great idea for older books that are too fragile or damaged to read.

Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the spine of the book. Attach it to a piece of cardstock with glue and let it dry overnight. In the morning, trim the excess away and attach a tassel (if you like) to create a beautiful vintage bookmark!

If you have a lot of older books to repurpose, you could even turn this into a little side business. Selling bookmarks on a site like Etsy could be on your list of fun and easy ways to make cash.


Give Your Older Books New Life

Just because you haven’t read that stack of older books for a while doesn’t mean they serve no purpose. As we discussed above, you can donate, sell, or repurpose them and give them a second chance!

Looking for more tips for decluttering your home or easy ways to make cash? Keep browsing our site for more great thrifty advice.

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