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What to Consider When Looking at Options for Senior Living

There are nearly 1 million licensed beds for assisted living in the United States. And whether you are looking for assisted living or other options for senior living, there are plenty of choices.  

Many seniors like the options and amenities offered by these types of living arrangements. Many are maintenance-free and give seniors much independence. 

Here’s what to consider when looking at options for senior living.


Location is often the number one reason when people consider options for senior living. You may want to be close to your children or other friends and family. They can make your transition to senior living much easier.  

In looking for independent living options for seniors, you may want to be close to things like your church, favorite restaurants, or shopping. Will you have easy access to public transportation? Can you walk to your favorite park?

If you are looking to make a change to another part of the country, you might want to consider the weather conditions or areas that might be under constant evacuation from floods or storms.


When you are looking for options for senior living, ask what types of service the facility offers. Daily housekeeping? Shopping?

Some of these services might suit someone better who is looking for senior living options for veterans or senior living options for couples. Maybe you’ll want a place where the facility cooks all of your meals, or you have the option to leave on occasion.

What about social options? Does the facility hold social functions? If a facility has these types of services, a company like will market them to attract customers.  

In searching for independent living options for seniors, services might be a key factor. The more services, the more independence you may have in your living situation. 

Access to Healthcare

Depending on the location of your senior living facility, you may want to think about access to healthcare. This might be more of a concern for those looking for assisted living options for low-income seniors, because of their access to transportation.

Some people may also want a facility that offers in-house healthcare services including doctor visits, physical therapy, and rehabilitation services. Those looking for senior living options for veterans may also want to inquire what types of services might be available for them, especially for healthcare. 


Some amenities when considering options for senior living may include hair salons or barbershops, a swimming pool, or even an in-house library.  

These amenities are even available as assisted living options for low-income seniors or even for senior living options for veterans.  

Options for Senior Living That You Should Consider 

When looking at options for senior living, consider location, types of service, access to healthcare, and the types of amenities. These can help you make the best decision when looking for independent living options for seniors.  

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