Marriage Advice for Newlyweds

Fresh Start: Marriage Advice for Newlyweds

If you haven’t heard yet, love is hard. It’s a garden that needs constant tending, and love is the foundation you will build your marriage upon. You don’t give up on it, for better for worse.

Even if you’re still in the honeymoon phase, it’s important to follow this marriage advice for newlyweds. That way, when the going gets rough, you are prepared to weather the storm.


This is one of the most commonly suggested tips for newlyweds, but there is depth to this concept. Dig into your own emotions. If your spouse has done something that shouldn’t be a big deal but feels like a slap in the face, evaluate what the deeper issue is that needs addressing.

It may not be that the dirty dishes were left out, but that fact that your spouse doesn’t seem to value your time. Let them know if a way that isn’t an attack or accusation. Express how their actions come across (they may not be aware that it’s an issue at all), and let that be the beginning of a dialogue on how to find a solution.

Emotional Support

Your spouse should be the first person you turn to for comfort. Friends and family are fantastic for support, love, and advice, but your spouse is your other half and the most intimate relationship you have.

Some of the best marriage advice for newlyweds is to understand how your spouse needs your support. This can be solving the problem or being a shoulder to cry on. Responding to a spouse’s struggle in the wrong way can make matters worse and lead to arguments.

It’s a Marriage, Not a Partnership

The Bible explains when Adam and Eve came together, that two become one. When you look at marriage as two individuals joining together, it doesn’t mean you lose part of yourself or your individuality. It means that you become more. Your spouse is your other half, not your roommate.

A partnership is two people splitting the work 50/50 to reach a shared goal. A marriage is two people loving the other and each giving the other 100% for the rest of their lives.

Quality Time Together

When giving marriage words of wisdom for newlyweds, couples counselor Robin Bryant, Ph.D. says, “In a digital age, where there are distractions left and right, unlimited access to information and continuous connection to others’ lives online, it’s essential to spend quality time with your significant other.”

There will be seasons in life that are busier than others. Even at the busiest times of deadlines and projects, or recitals and games, it’s important to make sure you are dedicating a portion of time with your spouse.


Your spouse will never say, “Stop being so romantic,” or “You’re loving me too much.” Using whatever way your spouse understands best that you love them will always be appreciated.

For this, it’s important to know if your spouse responds best to physical touch, gifts, time spent together, or by acts of service.

A Little Marriage Advice for Newlyweds Goes a Long Way

Having someone who knows you better than anyone else, who will stick by your side, makes you laugh, and loves you unconditionally is is one of the greatest joys. When you remember and apply these principles, it doesn’t make marriage perfect, but it does prepare you to handle each situation with love and compassion.

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