Ready for Anything: A Guide to the Different Types of First Aid Kits

Types of First Aid Kits

Having a good first aid kit at home is a good idea. Cuts and burns make up common accidents that occur at home. You can treat these types of injuries with the supplies found in most first aid kits. 

Having a first aid kit at home can come in handy. If you’re planning to buy a first aid kit, take a moment to read this guide. 

This guide provides information about the different types of first aid kits you may need. 

Personal-Size First Aid Kit

A personal-size first aid kit is a top choice for persons who live alone. It contains all the supplies you may need to treat a minor cut or scrape. 

The perfect personal-size first aid kit is compact and easy to find supplies in. In it, you’ll find a variety of bandages of different sizes and shapes. It contains a couple of alcohol pads and antiseptic wipes. 

This first aid kit can fit in a kitchen drawer or the medicine cabinet. It can serve as a travel kit too. 

A First Aid Kit for Families

For households with a family, a home first aid kit is a good choice. This type of kit often comes in a rubber case or a plastic box with a convenient carry handle. 

It will include enough supplies to meet the needs of an active family. Most home first aid kits have gauzes and bandages of different sizes. Expect to find antibiotic ointments and antiseptic wipes in them too.

The larger your family, the bigger the first aid kit you may need to buy. Before you buy one, take into account the number of persons in your family.

Burn Kit

First aid for burns can be an arm’s reach away. Did you know there are first aid kits that provide the necessary supplies to treat minor burns?

This type of kit contains sterile gauze rolls to cover gel that’s put over burns. It also contains burn dressings. If anyone in your home suffers a burn, use this kit to provide them with burn relief until they can seek treatment. 

Build Your First Aid Kit

Companies that make first aid kits often allow customers to make their own first aid kit. This option allows you to customize a kit with the supplies you want. 

Whether you buy a pre-made first aid kit or you make your own, you’ll need to replenish it when the supplies run out. Keep in mind to buy first aid refill supplies.

Different Types of First Aid Kits: Which One Do You Need

If you’re in the market for a first aid kit, consider different types of first aid kits. 

Buy a first aid kit that contains the supplies you need. Do remember to keep your kit full of supplies. 

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