This Is How to Save Money When Sending Someone Flowers

Do you like sending or receiving flowers? The U.S. flower industry is worth $5 billion, so if you do, you are certainly not alone.

No matter the reason you are sending flowers, you always want to get the best deal. There are ways to save money when sending someone flowers.

Keep reading to see how you can save some money and brighten someone’s day with the right flowers.

Choose a Weekday Delivery

When sending flowers, opt for a Monday to Friday delivery. There are extra charges for Saturday and Sunday deliveries, and this is because most of the flower farms are closed on these days. 

To get the freshest flowers, you should avoid Sunday and Monday deliveries if possible. These flowers were probably cut on Saturday.

Select a Seasonal Flower

Different seasons have different flowers. To save money on flowers, choose a floral arrangement in season. When you order online, look for a seasonal flower section on the website.

Don’t Get Add-Ons

You may want to order a vase, teddy bear, or balloon with your flowers, but those items add to the final price of your product. Fresh flowers and floral arrangements speak for themselves.

You don’t need to add the extras if you want to save money. If you really want an extra something, add it after the fact and hand-deliver the flowers.

Search for Online Discounts

If you are ordering online, search for promo codes, discount codes, and vouchers on various websites. Also, look at the top of the website to search for any promotions. If you are ordering over the phone, simply ask if there are any promotions to get cheap flowers.

When you order flowers online, the flowers come directly from the farm, so they are fresh. Your flowers are cut on the delivery day. You may also be able to design yourself.

Compare Flowers

You can shop around for flowers to find the best options. Some florists may be having specials. You can compare various providers to see which price and arrangement are ideal. 

When you go to a local shop, you may not know all your options. If you do want to order from a local florist, show them what you saw online and see if they can match the price or maybe even give you a lower price.

Deliver Yourself

If you live near the person, you could deliver the flowers yourself. This could save you about $10 or more. If you can’t hand deliver, compare various companies for delivery costs.

Order Early

For special occasions, order early. Online shops increase their prices when it gets closer to the. You should order about eight to ten days ahead of time to save money and get additional deals and discounts.

Enjoy Sending Someone Flowers

You can save money when sending someone flowers. Follow these tips and avoid add-ons, order early, compare flowers, order seasonal flowers, and choose weekday delivery to save money on flowers.

If you are looking for other ways to save money, you’ve come to the right place! Keep checking out our sites for deals and other money-saving tips.

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