5 Ways to Get Cheap Prescriptions and Save Money

Over 131 million people (around 66% of American adults) use prescription drugs regularly. 

Relying on medication is expensive which is why we must find cheap prescriptions so that we don’t compromise our budget or health. Perhaps you’re looking for discounted medication but aren’t having any luck.

Sound familiar? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five ways to get cheap prescriptions.

1. Ask for Generic Alternatives

Not sure how to get cheap prescriptions? 

Ask the pharmacist for generic alternatives. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that generics must contain the same active ingredients as branded medication but at a fraction of the price. Check your local pharmacist’s list of generic drugs as it can be as low as $5.00 for a month’s supply. Note that generics aren’t available for all prescriptions so check with your healthcare provider first.

Luckily, pharmacists are authorized to fill your prescription with generic medicine even if it’s written with the branded name. Popular examples include heartburn medications, certain type 2 diabetes drugs, and cholesterol-lowering options.

2. Buy Prescriptions in Bulk

If you want to save money on prescriptions, consider buying your medication in bulk especially if you suffer from chronic pain. When you buy prescriptions in 90-day increments then you pay fewer co-pays over the year, a fantastic way to cut medication costs.  

Patients often do this if they need high blood pressure medication or blood control as it’s also more convenient.

3. Compare Prices

As you seek affordable prescriptions, compare prices between pharmacies. Once you’ve decided on one establishment, only order your medication from there because there’s a risk of a dangerous drug interaction. This is so if you react, you know who to contact.

And don’t forget online pharmacies as there’s a wide range of fantastic deals. An accredited pharmacy asks customers for a prescription for purchase and is a member of the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) so you know the medication is legitimate. For instance, if you’re after a high-quality prescription then consider these RX drug prices.  

You should also ask your health care provider if they have discount coupons from a pharmacy. Or buy gift cards on marketplaces as sell them for less than the regular price. Many sell gift cards worth $60 but sell them at $50 so you have free money to spend, useful if you’re buying prescriptions for your household.   

Further, pharmacy discount cards are easy-to-use and free. Simply sign up, search for your medication (after adjusting the dose and quantity), and browse starting from the lowest price first. But it’s important to note that they may ask you to pay a membership fee so you have access to the best prices. 

You can also consider coupons. New drugs are expensive and branded but occasionally, the manufacturers offer coupons to patients who meet certain qualifications like having insurance or relevant medical needs. This is a great way to cut prescription costs but note, it doesn’t cover every drug.

You should also compare the strength of different medications as it’s cheaper to buy weaker ones and split pills. If you think it’s cheaper to split pills, ask your doctor whether this is viable. Then, they can write your prescription so that pills can be split and you’ll save money.

Another overlooked way to get cheap prescriptions is by using a mail-order pharmacy. Send your prescription to a mail-order fulfillment center and they’ll handle it. It’s far cheaper than traditional methods because it cuts the cost of going through a brick-and-mortar store. If you have insurance, login to their website and sign up for mail-order delivery services.

Mail-order pharmacies work best if you need three- to six months of supply of medication like antidepressants because they only sell in bulk. If you want to try a new drug but aren’t sure it’s for you, then don’t go down this route.

4. Seek Assistance 

An excellent way to secure inexpensive medication is through assistance programs as many are available to seniors and low-income consumers. You should also discuss any financial issues with your doctor as they may have free samples of your prescription especially if you need asthma inhalers or blood pressure medications.

Further, ask your pharmacist to do a medication therapy review. This is where they assess your necessary prescriptions and help you save money. During the review, the pharmacist ensures you take the right dose, that you aren’t taking duplicate medication, and it’s the correct drug for you.

5. Try a Different Insurance Plan

When you have insurance with an employer, your plan dictates which drugs they cover. But if you’re diagnosed with a new illness and the medication is extortionate, consider the plan and whether another medication is viable. For instance, if you choose a slightly more expensive payment then it may cover a wider range of drugs. And eventually, this will balance out because the prescription cost will be less.

That’s How to Get a Cheap Prescription

Now you know five surefire ways to get a cheap prescription. 

Always ask for generic drugs, compare pharmacists online and off, and consider switching your insurance plan. Don’t be afraid to seek help from pharmacy assistant programs and tell your doctor if you’re struggling financially. Once you use these tips then you’ll have cheaper prescriptions and less stress. Good luck!

Hopefully, you found this article helpful. If you’d like similar content, check out our tips on how to be thrifty in every area of your life. 

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