The Ultimate Guide to Using Pay Stub Generators

Pay Stub

Did you know that it only takes about one minute and under five dollars to create a fake pay stub in today’s tech-savvy world? Pay stub generators can be used with both good and bad intentions. 

If you run a business now is a great time to consider pay stub generation. You can do it both online or by downloading specific software. Keep reading to get the scoop.

Online Pay Stub Guide

If you are looking to go online and make pay stubs whether it’s for your business or fake pay stubs for apartment, you can check out several websites that offer these services by doing a google search. 

It’s actually quite simple. All you need to do is signup with a site and you can make and print pay stubs directly from there. It’s a seamless process. You enter your employee’s information as well as their hours and pay rate. 

You can choose hourly or salaried pay. You can also add an employee or contractor to the stub. They also give you a choice of states to endorse the check.

The whole process takes about four steps to complete and after your preview, you can print it on the spot.

Pay Stub Generation Software

You can also download software and apps that help with pay stub generation. You’ll be able to auto calculate hours, taxes, and weekly pay. 

The technology with these types of software is so simple anybody can do it. You’ll get a PDF template and they print quickly and easily. You’ll also have the added benefit of an archived paycheck. 

If a certain employee needs a more customized or altered pay stub, then you can do it manually when needed. 

Questions to Ask

Now that you know a bit about how pay stub generators work there are some questions you need to answer before choosing which software or website to use. 

How Big Is Your Company?

If you’ve got a bigger sized company then you’ll need to be wary of the IRS. Bigger companies are typically subject to more audits than smaller ones.

If your company uses “payroll giving” then you have a very complex tax arrangement and need the proper software to make sure things are correct. 

How Many People?

Smaller companies are less complicated than bigger ones so the software needed for those is quite simple. But, for companies with a lot of people on the payroll, you’ll have more employees in different tax brackets.

Plus, you might have temporary employees more often as well as full or part-time workers. 

Free or Not?

You can easily find a free pay stub generation service. But, if your payroll is more complicated you might want to consider shelling out a few bucks for a more in-depth software or system.

Pay Stub Generators

Pay stub generators can be simple and complicated. You just need to figure out what your needs are and how complicated your payroll is, along with the size of your business. 

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