Top 5 Secrets to Lower Your Home Utility Bills

Calculating Home Utility Bills

The average yearly electrical bill for U.S. residents is over $1,300. That’s more than $100 a month spent on heating, cooling, and powering your home. 

If you are looking for ways to increase your income then cutting this monthly cost is an easy solution. 

Read on to discover the top 5 secrets of lowering our home utility bills. 

1. Skip the Dryer and Line Dry Clothes

If you are wondering how to save on electric bill costs then look in your laundry room. You may have bought an energy-efficient dryer, and you wash clothes at night to cut down on energy use, but you could do more. 

Skipping the dryer all together drops your energy usage down to zero. Let the natural elements of the outdoors dry your clothes. The sun and breeze do a terrific job at drying your clothes quickly and leaving them with a fresh scent. 

All you need to do is tie some laundry rope across your lawn or buy a clothes drying rack. Be sure to schedule your washing for the morning to get your clothes on the line by mid-day when the sun is the strongest. 

You also want to check the weather and pick a laundry day that doesn’t rain on your clothes.

2. Use Power Strips

Your home is filled with electronics that soak up power even when they aren’t in use. The best ways to save on electricity is to not waste it and to beware of what is using energy. 

You don’t want to go around unplugging each outlet individually before you go to work or sleep. Instead, plug your products into power strips to turn off multiple electronics with one click.

Power strips also protect your appliances from surges. If the power shuts off and on again it could cause damage if they are plugged into the outlet. Certain power strips have a built-in circuit breaker to prevent too much voltage going into the machine. 

Just one power strip can accommodate multiply appliances that can be switched off at night or even when you aren’t using them throughout the day. This removes the unnecessary use of power. 

3. Surround Your Home in Shade

Using the sun can save money on utilities when it generates energy. However, the sun can also cause your home to need more power than it supplies. 

Try to limit your home’s exposure to the sun’s rays to further lower your utility bill

Do this by landscaping your yard with this in mind. Plant canopy trees near your home to provide shade during the day without having to close your home off to the outside world with blinds and curtains. 

Awnings also keep your house cool while giving you a relaxing retreat on your patio. Place them at an angle to shield your living space as the sun sets. 

A green roof, consisting of grass and plants (otherwise known as a living roof), soaks up the heat generated from the sun. It can also help filter and direct rainwater to use in your garden. This will save you from increasing your water bill as well. 

4. Switch to Dimmer Lights

Changing your lights to LED energy-saving bulbs is a start, but sometimes you don’t even need that much light. 

Other ways to save on electric bill excess is to also change your light switch and how you light your home. A dimmer allows you to create the right amount of light in your room. You won’t waste energy on the light that you don’t need anymore. 

Dimmer switches can be installed in any kind of light fixture, from recessed lighting to lamps. 

A bonus attribute of dimmer switches is that they set the mood for special occasions like a romantic dinner or an authentic movie night. Or use them in your children’s room to save on energy while offering your child peace of mind at bedtime. 

Installing new switches is a simple and easy way to create an eco-friendly, modern, and cozy home. 

5. Program Your Thermostat

Another wasteful practice that, if fixed, cuts back on your electric bill cost is leaving your thermostat at the same setting all day.

Why heat or cool your home when you aren’t even in it? With a programmable thermostat, you can set a timer to turn down the AC or heater when you know you will be out. 

This a perfect solution if you work a set schedule. You won’t have to worry about coming home to a chilly home or a sauna just because you are trying to save money. 

Set the timer for nighttime too when the weather gets cooler and you don’t need as much AC. Or do the reverse during the winter by reducing the heat while the sun is out. 

While sleeping, program your thermostat to make you comfortable.

Adjusting the setting isn’t the only method to sleep well and save energy. Install a sensor in your bedroom so that your thermostat adjusts to this room only. 

No more cooling and heating empty homes and rooms when you use technology to create a smart and efficient system. 

Using Your Home Utility Bills Savings

Now that you know how to lower your home utility bills by conserving energy it is time to reap the benefits of your efforts. Much of your savings can go toward a further increase to your home’s energy efficiency. 

Use the cash to upgrade appliances, clean AC ducts, change filters, and invest in technologies that monitor your consumption levels. Then use your profits to save for a vacation or go on a needed shopping spree.

To find more ways to increase your income by saving money visit the Frugal Living section of the blog. 

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